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Cutting Boards

Cutting boards made of solid wood

The exclusive character of our cutting boards fits perfectly in every kitchen. The individual grain brings flair in kitchen and living room. The special feature of a kitchen worktop made of olive wood is that the wood is antibacterial and particularly robust. Since there are no germs on a cutting board made of olive wood, it is ideal for preparing food on it.

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Which chopping board is the best?

Wooden cutting boards have many advantages. Not only do they look very nice, they are also easy to clean, hygienic and robust. Another advantage is that the blade of the knife is not impaired by a high-quality wooden cutting board.

Which is better wood or plastic cutting board?

Both wooden and plastic cutting boards will do the trick. Cutting boards made of plastic have the advantage that although they are much cheaper to buy and often lighter in weight, they must be cleaned thoroughly so that no germs remain in the notches of the knife blade. Wood, on the other hand, is naturally antibacterial. Another minus point is the lack of sustainability of plastic cutting boards: It is rare to find a visually appealing plastic cutting board that is also durable.

Which wood is antibacterial?

Olive wood has a particularly high density, which makes it particularly antibacterial and resistant to acids. This makes our unique NATUREHOME cutting boards not only extremely attractive, but also germ-free and therefore an indispensable kitchen accessory.

Which wood is best for a cutting board?

Hardwoods are particularly suitable due to their robustness. NATUREHOME only uses high-quality hardwoods such as olive wood, oak and beech for its kitchen products. Cutting boards made of olive wood have other advantages in store for you. Since olive wood grows very slowly, a cutting board made from this wood is extremely stable and robust. The special wood is hard and scratch-resistant. Products made from this special wood are particularly suitable for use in the kitchen. Since olive wood has a natural oil content, olive wood boards do not take on odors or discolouration. In addition, the cutting boards are antibacterial, which is an advantage in the kitchen. Cutting boards made of olive wood are also very durable. If you like to cook, olive wood cutting boards are the right choice.

Which wood is suitable for food?

All robust and acid-resistant woods are suitable for contact with food. Oak, beech and walnut are possible here. Olive wood also has the advantage that it not only has antibacterial properties but is also odorless. Farewell to the unpleasant smell of garlic!

Which olive wood chopping board is right for you?

We have many different variants of olive wood boards in our range. For example, if you like to cut vegetables, fruit, meat or fish on your new wooden board, you should consider the liquid that escapes from the fresh food when you work it. We have therefore provided many cutting boards with a juice groove. This ensures that the escaping liquids do not flood your worktop. If you only cut bread or rolls on your wooden cutting board, then you will find various options of bread cutting boards in the range at NATUREHOME. When it comes to bread boards made of olive wood, we attach particular importance to the surface. Since crumbs should not be below or next to the board, we have provided these cutting boards with long grooves. The crumbs fall through there and stay in their intended place. Olive wood chopping boards can also be used as trivets or serving platters. Whether you want to knead dough or serve cheese, sausage and other delicacies on the chopping boards, take a look around our range and find your personal chopping board favourite.

Can you put a wooden board in the dishwasher?

No, a high-quality wooden cutting board should never be cleaned in the dishwasher. Wooden cutting boards can be easily cleaned with a cloth and some clear water. If you want it to be a little more thorough, you can simply rub half a lemon onto the soiled side and sprinkle some salt over it. Leave it all on for a quarter of an hour. Then work the salt into the board with the second half of the lemon. Your freshly cleaned and disinfected wooden cutting board is ready!

Olive wood cutting board - exclusivity in your own kitchen

Every kitchen needs a good work board. No matter whether you want to shape vegetables or fruit or cut bread into slices - chopping boards are important helpers that you are reluctant to do without. For those who appreciate exclusivity in the kitchen, there is no way around a chopping board made of olive wood. These special wooden boards not only impress with their unique grain, they are also very hygienic and robust. This is how preparing your meal tastes.

Optical eye-catcher: olive wood cutting boards

The impressive grain and the honey-yellow color of olive wood make a cutting board made of this wood an eye-catcher in every kitchen. But you can not only use the cutting boards as a worktop. Our cutting boards made of olive wood are versatile and prove their variable character on both sides. Use the olive wood board as a coaster or serving plate. NATUREHOME has different shapes of olive wood cutting boards in its range.

Only the best for the kitchen

Especially in the kitchen it is important to be able to rely on good quality and natural products. When it comes to our daily diet, we should be sure that not only the ingredients themselves, but also the utensils we use to prepare our meals are free of hazardous substances. Wooden cutting boards are usually refined with oil. At NATUREHOME we only use natural organic oils for our cutting boards. Even when it is hot, the processed natural products do not emit any dangerous substances. You can prepare, chop, cut into strips or cubes, knead or carve your food on the wooden chopping boards with a clear conscience. For our exclusive cutting boards we use olive wood from certified sustainable forestry. It is important to us that our products conserve resources. We pay attention to short transport routes, environmentally friendly packaging and CO2-neutral shipping routes. Our cutting boards made of olive wood are unique pieces that are made by hand.

How do you care for wooden cutting boards?

Wooden chopping boards are very easy to care for and hygienic. Wooden cutting boards are best cleaned with lukewarm water, a soft sponge and mild washing-up liquid. For special care you can rub your chopping board with oil from time to time. Cutting boards are best rubbed with odorless and tasteless cooking oil. Linseed oil or sunflower oil are ideal for caring for your wooden chopping board.