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  • Breakfast tray- A cup of coffee, croissants or rolls and a bit of fruit, all without having to leave the warmth and comfort of your bed?
  • Candle tray- A tray is only for serving?
  • Decorative tray- What could be better than making your own home really cosy?
  • Dog bed- Whether in beech or walnut, with the solid wood dog bed you are not only doing your dog a favour, you are also bringing a real design object into your home.
  • Dog bed wood- When your dog greets you happily wagging from his wooden dog bed, you know that the purchase was the right decision: do something good for your four-legged friend and give him a cosy and ecological place to sleep.
  • Footstool- 100% solid wood from certified sustainable forestry from Germany, exclusive design and simply practical: The footstools by NATUREHOME convince with facts.
  • Footstool- Sometimes your feet are so heavy that you just want to put them up: The foot benches made of certified solid wood by NATUREHOME offer themselves as a practical and at the same time decorative resting bench for your tired feet.
  • Gifts for Mother's Day- Of course, we, children and partners, should always express respect, gratitude and love to a mother, wife or grandmother.
  • Gutscheine zum selbst ausdrucken
  • Healthy Hands Washing
  • Letter tray wood- Functionality combined with modern design: these are the practical NATUREHOME letter trays made of high-quality solid wood.
  • Mats and Shoe Cleaner- Dirt and dirt do not stand a chance with these foot mats!
  • Mitarbeitergeschenke- Entdecken Sie eine einzigartige Auswahl an hochwertigen Präsenten, die nicht nur ökologisch verantwortungsbewusst, sondern auch steuerfrei sind.
  • Office supplies- With our high-quality and ecological office articles made of wood, we embellish your workplace and everyday working life.
  • Power cleaner- When there is burnt food in the oven, grease stains on the tiles or oil streaks on the bicycle, most people reach for the chemical club with a guilty conscience.
  • Serving Tray- The noble solid wood makes our serving trays real gems.
  • Solid Wood Stepstools, Footstools, Stools
  • Stool- The chairs have been carefully selected and you are surprised to have one more guest than expected at your door for dinner?
  • Stool beech- Our wooden stools and step stools made of beech wood are as convincing for their functionality as for their design.
  • Storage compartments wood- Stackable filing systems in DIN A4 format put an end to the chaos on your desk.
  • Universal cleaner- Universal cleaner is the cleaner you probably use most often in your home.
  • Walnut stool- A practical stool can be this beautiful: Walnut is an expensive, noble wood that looks very elegant thanks to its decorative grain.
  • Wooden coaster- Everyone has experienced this: you have just put on a new tablecloth or are happy about the new solid wood table and then you have a ugly red wine stain on it or the hot coffee cup has left a mark on the wood.
  • Wooden magazine rack- How much time do you spend in your Büro and how much in your living room?
  • Wooden shelf- Practical, but not nice to look at, is typical office equipment?
  • Wooden stool- All-round stool made of solid wood: The wooden footstools by NATUREHOME are versatile.