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Our organic guarantee

Our Organic Promise

Our organic promise

We take the utmost care of selecting our natural raw materials. We only use PEFC or FSC certified wood for our wooden products almost exclusively from german forestry. For our home textiles we only use certified organic cotton and the ingredients of our detergents are made without petrochemicals and therefore entirely biodegradable. All the oils we use in our soaps and all essential oils are come from wild collection or from certified organic farming.

NATUREHOME works exclusively with partners who fulfill our quality requirements. All our wooden products from sustainable forestry are developed and produced in Germany. It is our priority to ensure that the cultivation and processing are geographically close to each other. That also applies to the organic cotton home textiles offered by us. Every step from harvesting and yarn manufacturing to the finishing touches will be monitored by us and is entirely compatible to our company's philosophy.

Of course this is not where our understanding of sustainability ends. The server, on which NATUREHOME operates its online shop, is powered by eco-friendly power sources. We only ship via DHL GOGREEN which creates an optimal CO2 balance and additionally funds climate protection projects. We print only on FSC certified or recycled paper. The packaging of our products takes place without the use of plastic but solely recycled paper and packaging from ecologically valuable materials instead.


Triple sustainability

NATUREHOME uses PEFC or FSC certified wood. This certification is based on economic, ecologic and social sustainability. It's about a responsible forest management and therefore a careful dealing with our environment and the preservation of the forest as an eco-system.

The forest management is certified from transport of the wood to all following production steps. This secures that every link in the production chain, from cultivation to finished product, fulfills the ecological, economical and social sustainability. Our products are created in little, local carpenter's workshops that have absolutely convinced us of their quality. Furthermore it is important to us to secure the smallest possible geographical radius for all manufacturing steps. Additionally to using only PEFC or FSC certified wood, we treat our products with the NATUREHOME organic oils and/or organic glazes. This is how we guarantee the true longevity of the from integrative nature conservancy gained wooden products you'll hold in hand - a premium quality product that'll make you and successive generations very happy.


Purest nature

Our NATUREHOME detergents and cleaning agents are purely vegetable*, completely biodegradable and free of pollutanting ingredients. We do not use any enzymes, phosphates, petrochemical tensides and bleaching agents as well as no synthetic fragrances, colorants and preservatives. The soap's oils and all other essential oils are from certified organic farming. With our products we support the cleaning power of water without using persistant substances. Wherever possible, we use vegetable soaps that dissolve quickly and absolutely in water. Furthermore we make sure of an energy-efficient production.

Additionally we rely on a qualitativ conditioning of the used water. The water is whirled in egg-shaped glass containers so it gets recharged with its natural energy. Balsamic additives from olive oil, bay, gold, insense, rose ash and myrrh are rythmatized in an Oloid-Mixer and added to the finished cleaning product in small, well-adjusted portions. The resulting product is close to life and compatible with nature.

*Our floor wax cleaner is the only NATUREHOME cleaner that is not entirely vegetable based.