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Wastepaper baskets made from wood

Do you often trip up on your wastepaper basket? It won't happen with the NATUREHOME trash basket since the elegant wood is an eye-catcher, which cannot be overlooked. Furthermore, the square shape is very stable and unbreakable. You can stumble, but the wooden NATUREHOME waste basket stands still.

Almost too good for the waste: The trash basket made from wood

Usually paper baskets are made from plastic, like most of the common office supplies. NATUREHOME offers a sustainable office series made from wood. Letter tray and Magazin file made from oak, beech, or nut wood are part of the series and sort things out in an elegant way. We only use wood from certified and domestic forestry. Short ways of transportation, craftsmanship, and an unbreakable structure make the wooden NATUREHOME trash baskets to long-lasting office supplies.

Design and functionality rolled into one

Compared to conventional trash paper baskets with a cone shape, the square shape of the NATUREHOME basket ensures stability. A waste basket is mainly placed on the floor underneath the desk and it's very annoying when it drops since this would create a mess. Solid timber is heavier than plastic and the center of gravity is at the bottom, so the wooden wastepaper basket won't fall over when you accidentally hit it. Also, who says that a paper basket can't be nice? We decided to keep the wood natural and highlight the elegant texture. Depending on the collection, the design of the NATUREHOME wastepaper basket is plain, with dynamic edges, or with soft bends. The paper basket promotes your elegant furniture.

Sustainable without plastic bag

A wastepaper basket is no trash basket! If you only throw paper, tissues, and office trash in it, you can use the paper basket without a plastic bag. This method is even more eco-friendly and looks more elegant since you see the design of the wooden item. The surface of the office basket isn't waterproof and not suitable to throw in food residues. Those belong to the biological trash bin.