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Ceramic flower pot in many variations

A visually successful ceramic flower pot not only creates a more attractive living and working environment for you, no, the radiance of your plants in the ceramic pots gives you more pleasure, the ceramic promotes the indoor climate and you feel noticeably better.

For the NATUREHOME plant pots, care is taken to ensure that recycled material is used wherever possible. In this way you save waste, gain valuable resources and get a more environmentally friendly and sustainable product. Since the cachepots are also made in Germany and the delivery routes are short and fast, the pots are not only with you faster but the CO2 emissions are reduced due to the shorter transport. This is how we support you in helping the environment a little.

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Show 1 Item(s)

Don't lump everything in one pot - which planter suits your flowers and plants?

Spring is just around the corner and this raises the question of which planter is the right one for your plant. Pots for flowers come in many different colours, shapes, sizes and materials. In order to find out which pot is right for you, you should first ask yourself what the purpose of the planter is in the first place.

Inside or outside - purely functional or at the same time a pretty decorative object?

In interiors, a slightly lighter plastic pot will certainly suffice, sometimes a sturdy vase will suffice. However, if the flower pot is to be used outdoors, the pot must have a certain weight in order to withstand wind and weather. A glazed ceramic planter can be used both indoors and outdoors because the planter is sturdy and waterproof. At the same time, the ceramic flower pot works wonderfully as a decoration. In our shop you will find the popular ceramic planter in the colors white, terracotta or anthracite grey, for example, to really show off your green darlings and give your plant a high-quality home.

Which material is more sustainable?

Both a ceramic planter and a plastic planter can be sustainable. It depends on whether recycled material was used and how high the recycled content is. For the plant pots by NATUREHOME, not only a large amount of recycled materials are used in the production, but they are also made in Germany. This also reduces CO2 emissions.

How do you fill a flower pot?

To fill a flower pot properly, first pile stones, potsherds or bark mulch at the bottom for drainage. Then fill the flower pot with loose potting soil. Then put the plant in the flowerpot. Then fill with soil, press down lightly and water the plant.