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Nora Werner's credo is: "Design is more than an aesthetic exterior. It influences function, comprehensibility and generates emotions."
Nora Werner is mainly concerned with the design of home accessories, furniture design and product design.

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Show 2 Item(s)

Nora Werner studied jewellery and objects of everyday culture at the University of Design in Pforzheim from 2010 to 2014 and already deepened her skills at design companies in Madrid and Tübingen during her studies.
Fresh in hand, she worked for a few years in a shoe design studio for international customers before finally becoming self-employed in the field of product design in 2019.
During her studies, she had already specialized in the furnishing sector and now works in her favorite area for her clients. Her awards include a German Design Award.

As a NATUREHOME designer, she designed the following products in 2020:
The beach bag
The beach bag was mainly inspired by the idea of being able to use the carriers in different lengths without the elaborate adjustment possibilities. After evaluating various possibilities, the beach bag got its current shape. The adjustment with the carabiner even became the aesthetic highlight of the design and makes it easy to adapt the bag to the respective needs.

The bathroom series
The inspiration for the bathroom series came from the idea of putting the toilet paper roll at the centre of the design for a change and framing it like an image. The deliberately reduced kept design also impresses with its simple, functional trick: The frame rests on the roll and thus prevents the unintentional rolling of the toilet paper roll. With the smaller of the roll, the frame also lowers. Throughout the series, the simple frame draws attention to our actual stars in the bathroom: the piece of soap, the liquid soap dispenser or the toilet paper roll. Almost incidentally, inconspicuously and yet reliably, the designs also fulfil their functional tasks and thus sweeten our everyday life.