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Olive wood bowl

Thanks to the modern design and the premium workmanship, olive wood bowls are perfect for special occasions. But an olive wood bowl also suits daily moments at your breakfast, lunch, or dinner table. Olive wood is antibacterial and reduces noxious germs on the surface. This wood is the perfect choice when it comes to foodstuff.

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Show 18 Item(s)

Olive wood bowls - Exclusivity in your home

Bowls made of olive wood serve food with an exclusive look. Those wooden basins not only impress with their special texture, but they provide hygiene and solidness. The natural wood catches the attention on your table, while sustainability is an important aspect of the object.

Why you should choose basins made from olive wood

Basins made from olive wood come with many benefits. Olive wood grows particularly slow, which ensures a hard and solid texture. The wood is strong and scratch-resistant. Products made from this special wood are perfect for kitchen matters. Besides that, those bowls also suit bathrooms or other facilities in your home. The natural amount of oil inside the wood leads to an odourless feature. It also doesn't take on colours. Olive wood is antibacterial, which is an important aspect in the kitchen. Furthermore, olive wood basins are very durable. When you like to serve food in high quality bowls, the ones made out of olive wood are your choice.

Visual pleasure inside and outside - Yummy basins made from olive wood

Thanks to the special texture and the warm yellow colour of the wood, basins made from olive wood are an eye-catcher. The product range from NATUREHOME brings many different shapes and characteristics. Our olive wood basins are broadly applicable. It doesn't matter if you want to use your bowl as a salad bowl, as a soapdish in your bathroom, or to serve bread, olive wood basins bring variable joy.

Only the best for your kitchen

Especially in a kitchen it is important that you can rely on natural quality products. When it comes to food, we should be aware of not only the ingredients themselves but also the items in which we prepare the meals. This idea goes hand in hand with the places where we store our groceries. Critical substances are not what we want when it comes to food in our own kitchen. NATUREHOME guarantees natural and healthy products. While commercial wooden objects are mostly treated with oil, NATUREHOME only uses natural biological oils. Even when the bowls get hot, no noxious substance will pass out. You can store or serve your food in the olive wood basins with good convenience. For the exclusive basins made from olive wood we only use certified wood from sustainable forestry. We care for the resources where our products are made from. We also pay attention to short ways of transportation, eco friendly packaging and CO₂ friendly shipping. Our olive wood basins are handmade.