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Letter tray made of sustainabley produced wood

In the office, filing letters is an essential part of the filing system, because we are still along way from paper-free everyday work. The NATUREHOME letter trays are made entirely of wood and offer an alternative to the little sustainable plastic tray. Made of oak, beech or dark nut wood, the letter tray fits into any office design and survives even the most stressful office day.

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Show 12 Item(s)


In addition to the type of material, you must also choose a design for the letter basket. The letter tray crosswise has the gripper opening on the long side, the letter tray lengthwise on the short side. This doesn't make much difference when inserting the paper, but the letter tray takes up more space across. And this is notoriously a scarce good on the desk. Since most letters or printouts are in A4 format, the inner dimensions of the letterracks are standardised, so if you have small notes or items to store, we recommend a note box. The letter basket is usually too small for magazines or catalogues, so you can extend your Office filing system with a magazine file or newspaper rack.


A letter tray is usually made of plastic or wire, which is inexpensive to produce but neither particularly pretty nor long-lasting. With the NATUREHOME office helpers we want to support you in furnishing your office sustainably. That's why we decided to use letter trays made of robust wood. Oak, beech and nut wood are used for particularly resistant solid wood products because the hardwood is extremely strong. Nevertheless, the material can be easily processed, so that the NATUREHOME letter trays in pleasing design set an optical highlight in your office. The letter trays can be stacked so that you have enough space on your desk to work.


Using natural wood in the study or office even complies with the teachings of Feng Shui. But even if you don't believe in the flow of qi, wooden office supplies offer you many advantages. The natural material always spreads a pleasant scent and always looks more elegant than plastic. The NATUREHOME office accessories are handmade, with their smooth surface and elegant design they can be experienced with all senses. As hardwoods, oak, beech etc. are particularly scratch-resistant and need at most a little wood oil to look like new again. Thus the elegant look is maintained even after years of use. Another advantage of wood is that it is a renewable raw material. Local species such as oak, beech or nut wood also score with short transport routes and controlled cultivation conditions.