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office butler

Desk organizer made of wood for pens with drawer and extra compartments

Order and clarity is very important on a desk, in the office and in drawers to keep things organized. Your productivity can be extremely reduced by long searches. To prevent this problem, you can store your utensils, documents and small items such as staples, pen, magnets, pins and sticky notes with our ecological office butler. The design and the warm wood colors are pleasing to the eye and enhance your study in the office or home office at the same time.

Show 4 Item(s)

Show 4 Item(s)

The desk organizer with practical compartments

Firstly, the table organizer always looks more elegant than a simple pen holder and secondly, it offers you much more than just a generous storage option for your pens. With its practical box with drawer for paperclips or eraser, nothing is left lying around on the table. All other compartments can be filled as desired. Sticky notes, a notepad, your smartphone and of course pens have space in the wooden Office Butler and are always at hand when you need them. With its compact format and around 30 cm in length, the desk organizer also fits in small workplaces and makes optimal use of the desk space.

NATUREHOME Office Butler simply goes with everything

The practical storage box for the desk is available in three different types of wood, namely in oak, beech and - particularly elegant - in walnut. So there is something for every taste and every furnishing style! The light wood fits into a modern office ambience and is simply timelessly beautiful. The dark walnut wood makes the desk organizer an elegant accessory for your workplace. In addition, all office products from NATUREHOME are still made by hand. The result is timeless solid wood products that last a long time and are naturally beautiful with their smooth surface. The advantages of solid wood are the long service life, the scratch-resistant surface and the good care properties. Oak, beech and walnut are native to Germany and Europe, so that we can procure the renewable raw material without long transport routes. This makes the Office Butler Organizer not only beautiful to look at, but also a sustainable, non-toxic and vegan product.


As a brand manufacturer, we are your contact if you have any questions about the desk organizers or are interested in a special organization system. Are you unsure which storage box is right for you or which type of wood best suits your furnishing style? Then contact us. We're here to help. We are also your contact for individual requests or questions about wood samples! You can conveniently order any desk accessory online in our shop and it will be delivered directly to your home. Our free shipping within Germany takes place from a price in the shopping cart of 69,- € (incl. VAT)