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Plant stairs made of wood for indoor & outdoor

As far as the location is concerned, you have a free choice with the NATUREHOME plant staircase. The chestnut wood is easily suitable for outside areas such as the terrace or balcony. You can also spill and splash as you wish when watering the plants. So that the wood stays beautiful for a long time, it is sufficient to clean the surface every now and then and occasionally with something outdoor wood care oil.

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There is enough space for up to 11 flower pots on 4 steps, on the top level you can drape larger pots according to your preferences. Flowerpots with a diameter of about 12/13 cm fit on the 3 lower steps.
The sloping arrangement of the levels allows the plants to spread out wonderfully and create a pretty, waterfall-like look. You can also use the crossbars on the side to hang up additional pots or utensils for gardening. The wood used is sturdy chestnut that has been handcrafted into a solid construction. The flower staircase is extremely stable and can withstand a windy summer thunderstorm.

Which plants are suitable for the plant staircase?

There are many different plants that are suitable for the plant staircase. Before deciding on a plant, you can ask yourself where the plant will hibernate, whether it will be in the shade or in the sun, and how big it will be.

Can you paint flower pots?

Flower pots made of concrete, wood and ceramic are excellent for painting and painting. Pay attention to waterproof and environmentally friendly paint.

Is terracotta frost-proof?

Many types of clay pots are considered frost-proof. Nevertheless, it is better if you keep clay pots frost-free over the winter, as the water can cause the clay pot to explode when it is frosty.

Which shrubs are suitable for the plant staircase?

When choosing suitable shrubs for the plant staircase, it is not only a question of the location and winter hardiness, but also the height of growth. Hibiscus, almond, double viburnum, hydrangea and sacred bamboo are just a few of the many shrubs that are suitable for growing on a plant staircase.

Which plants are particularly suitable for outdoors?

There are many plants that are suitable for outside. Whether lady's mantle, rosemary, lavender, girl's eye or witch hazel. Most of the plants are suitable for outdoors, especially in summer.