Wooden stand collector & standing file

Whether files, magazines or folders, in the wood floor collector, your documents are always at hand. The NATUREHOME wooden folders in A4 drive the shaky plastic models from your desk and replace them with elegant, durable wood. Sturdy, scratch-resistant and made of solid wood, you can use the standing collectors of the collections Classic, Script and Eco for years.

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Show 9 Item(s)

The advantages of the Stehordner wood Since there is usually little room on the desk, you have to think carefully about what you place on it. The NATUREHOME Din A4 stand-up collectors offer you the possibility to keep various documents such as magazines, brochures and files upright. So you always have the most important at hand. Unlike a letter tray, where all the papers are on top of each other, you can see what is in the stand collector. Whether it's about the private newspaper collection or the tasteful presentation of corporate catalogs: the wooden stand-up collector gives your documents an elegant frame.

Wood Floor Collector - Scratch-Resistant Wooden office supplies are gradually selling out the plastic office helpers that prevailed in the 1990s. On the one hand, wood is much more sustainable than plastic, on the other hand, it is also much more durable. The NATUREHOME wooden standing folders provide reliable support for all your documents: high-quality solid wood and well thought-out design place the center of gravity of the stand collector on the lower half. Even in half-empty state, the Stehordner is stable and does not rock so fast. The wood used is oak, beech or walnut, which has been crafted into long-lived office helpers. The smooth sanded surface feels wonderful and is scratch resistant, so that the wood floor collectors will not wear out so quickly even with regular use. For care, it is sufficient to occasionally clean the Ordnungshelfer and treated with wood-oil. Unlike plastic newspaper holders, which quickly break down and need to be thrown away, you can use the wood models for years.

Presentation is everything! The NATUREHOME stand-up collectors are design products that are manufactured in our factories in Germany. They are completely plastic-free, come from controlled forestry and are vegan and sustainable. You can choose between oak, beech and walnut wood, each characterized by unique grain and color. So there is something for every interior design! Whether straightforward elegant or sophisticatedly unconventional, the NATUREHOME wood stand folders are always an eye-catcher. Especially for the presentation of brochures or to tastefully underline your elegant office furnishings, the elegant office accessories are an absolute must.