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magazine rack

Wooden magazine file

Have your files, magazines, or folders close to hand in a wooden box file. The wooden magazine files in A4 by NATUREHOME banish unstable plastic materials from your desk and replace them with an elegant, durable wooden one. The objects from the magazine files collections (Classic, Script, and Eco) are stable, scratch-resistant, and made from solid wood.

Show 9 Item(s)

Show 9 Item(s)

Benefits of a wooden box file

Since there is not that much space on a desktop, you should consider for what you make space on yours. The Din A4 box file by NATUREHOME provides enough space to arrange magazines, brochures, and files edgewise. You have access to all important things when needed. Instead of using a letter tray where all documents are located about each other, you can see all files in a box file. No matter if you use it for newspapers or to present brochures from your business - the wooden magazine file comes with an elegant appearance.

Wooden box file - Scratch-resistant and stable

Office supplies made from wood banish the plastic fellows which established themselves in the 90s. Wood is sustainable and durable, while plastic doesn't last for a long time. The NATUREHOME box files ensure a reliable hold for your documents: high-quality solid wood and clever design put the centre of gravity to the lower half. Even when the box file isn't filled with documents, the wooden folder doesn't become unstable. We use oak, beech, or nut wood to manufacture the long-lasting, handmade office supplies. The smooth surface feels nice and is scratch-resistant. Even regular use doesn't abrade the box file. To keep your wooden office equipment new, clean it with a wet cloth and use wood oil to nurture it. Compared to plastic articles, which fall apart easily and have to be thrown away, wooden items are highly durable.

Presentation is everything

The NATUREHOME magazine files are design pieces, which are manufactured in Germany. They are vegan, sustainable and come without any plastic fabrics. You can choose between oak, beech, and nut wood. All wood types are different in texture, tone and wood grain. There is something for everyone. Every wooden box file by NATUREHOME catches an eye with a clean, elegant, or an unconventional look. The fancy office supplies deliver a high-quality presentation of your brochures and highlight your furnishing.