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DESIGNER form|knastDESIGN form|knast

form|knast is the name of the product design duo Matthias Lauche and Martha Frieler. The two designers are the founders of the design agency, which makes a name for itself as well as creative, fresh ideas. Prison does not stand for being jailed or incarcerated, but for starvation. Because the young design duo is hungry. Hungry for new, exciting, innovative and of course hungry for products – such as NATUREHOME.

"Other is the new good" is the motto of the designers, who want to offer the user of their products added value and above all enjoy them in addition to product-oriented effectiveness and user-friendliness.
In a clear and reduced form language, they implement creative ideas in the field of home and living and inspire with refreshing ideas and varied concepts.

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Matthias Lauche is part of the duo.
The studied product designer was born in Merseburg. He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover with a bachelor's degree in 2011. Matthias Lauche loves to explore and discover things. He has travelled to many countries to get to know different areas, people and cultures.
He met Martha back in 2006 and the two began working together.
Martha Frieler was born in Paderborn in 1984. Like Matthias Lauche, she studied product design at hannover University of Applied Sciences. For a long time she experimented with many different techniques and in work areas to get a diverse view of every range of products. In 2012 she founded the design agency form|knast together with Matthias Lauche.