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Decoration Items

Relaxing worry stone made from olive wood

Worry stones are both, zen accessories and decoration items. You can feel the wooden balls and hearts with all your senses. Thanks to the smooth surface and the handy sizes, the worry stone slides and glides through your hands. Instead of gnash your teeth's, twirl your hair or bite your nails, you can reduce nervousness and perplexity in a gentle way.

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Show 9 Item(s)

Worry stone against nervousness

A worry stone is an item for your hand which should reduce fears and worries while holding it. In esoterism those objects are mainly made from stones with a certain meaning. But worry stones can also be made from wood, glass, chestnuts, or other smooth items. In our daily life we are often very tense. Waiting for trains or important appointments, and other onerous situations affect our emotional setting. We become nervous, play with our hair, clothes, or beards. Even worse is biting nails or lips, which could hurt in the end. The worry stone made from olive wood can help. The small balls or hearts fit in your pocket and have a smooth surface. Just take the stone in your hand and feel the surface. With some concentration you can calm yourself and release tension.

Calming effect of olive wood

Worry stones made from wood feel warm and comfy. Since olive wood has a beautiful mediterrane colour way, the item also works well as a decoration object. The NATUREHOME worry stone comes with different sizes, which means, you can use a smaller one in your hand pocket while you're on the way, and the bigger one at home on your couch. When you don't need the worry stone to release tension, just arrange it in a decorative bowl to catch the eye with a minimal style. Olive wood is durable, antibacterial, and a pretty solid wood. You will definitely enjoy the worry stone made from olive wood more than the anti-stress ball made of polyester.