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Step Stool

Step stool made of solid wood - makes high goals achievable

NATUREHOME Solid wood step stool - the favorite of our customers: Our step stools are available in two different versions (ECO and DESIGN) and in three types of wood (oak, beech and walnut). Designed exclusively for NATUREHOME by well-known designers, each of our DESIGN steps made of wood impresses with a successful combination of functionality and elegance. The durable and robust stool made of sustainable wood is not only an eye-catcher, but also a real quick-change artist. Because it doesn't matter whether you use it as a side table, a small bench, a helpful stool, to help toddlers brush their teeth or as a stool for flowers and indoor plants, the NATUREHOME step stool is always great Picture off.

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Show 11 Item(s)

What are the uses for my step stool?

In the bathroom, our step stool is a perfect aid for small children. As a bathroom stool, they are a stable aid for children, for example to get to the high washbasin on their own. But they are also ideal as stools for spontaneous children to visit. In the living room, our step stool lets you reach high bookshelves or you can use it as a convenient place to put newspapers and glasses. In the office, too, a step made of wood is not only visually beautiful, but can also be used practically as a stool, stool or side table. In the bedroom at home, the stools serve as a bedside table, stool or storage table. Thanks to the stable legs of the stool, there are no limits to the possible uses of our ecological and modern home accessories. Thanks to the integrated felt gliders (only with DESIGN versions), the footstools are particularly gentle on sensitive wooden floors and at the same time have anti-slip adhesion on smooth floors such as tiles or parquet. This ensures that your child does not slip away when they want to conquer the world step by step on the step stool.

Which concept was used to design the step stool and how do I care for the material of my DESIGN product in order to preserve its beauty for a long time?

The two steps are designed to reach different heights using the wooden stool. An integrated carrying handle is used for problem-free transport to the respective place of use of the step stool. The surface finish and the robust material of the stool are also practical. The solid wood from the various tree species was refined exclusively with purely vegan oils. Only low-emission, purely vegetable wood oils from the NATUREHOME brand come into contact with the natural material wood of our step stools. Care at home is particularly easy: simply wipe the surface of the stool with a damp cloth and occasionally refresh rough or dull areas with a little oil. So you can enjoy your step for a long time, because unlike plastic, nothing can scratch or break off here.

Are the NATUREHOME step stools foldable?

Since our NATUREHOME stools are particularly high-quality and stable solid wood products, they are not folding stools. This would reduce stability.

Is the stool also available in one step?

A single step step stool is not part of our product range. The two levels ensure greater flexibility in reaching different heights.

What is a step?

The stool used to be a simple footstool. Gradually, however, it was also used to describe stools that were used as seating furniture, i.e. stools, but had no backrest. Chairs used to be granted only to the higher-ranking people. The stools or stools for the common people usually had three to four legs. Stools with only one leg were used for milking. They were only attached to the body with a strap. The step is also often referred to as a step stool. This means a stool (stool) with several steps, on which one can step stably in order to reach something high. Various terms are now used throughout Germany. Stools, stools, stools and step stools are probably the most common.

It's basically a synonym for step stool. The term stepladder refers to the individual steps of the stool. A ladder is generally understood to be a (usually foldable) scaffolding with several steps. It can therefore be deduced that the term stepladder is used less for step stools, as these only have a maximum of two steps and a low rise. The material also plays a decisive role here, since the plastic that is often used in stepladders or the plastic used in our pure natural wood products is not used. All step stools from the NATUREHOME brand are produced in a sustainable and resource-saving manner and are handcrafted. Delivery is free within Germany from EUR 69.00 and shipping is CO2-neutral.