Footstool wood in modern design

Our customers' favorite - our solid wood footstool in many trend colors. Exclusively designed for NATUREHOME by the Berlin design label, each of our stools made of wood is a winning combination Function and style.

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Show 15 Item(s)

The NATUREHOME footstool: Elegant all-round talent

The solid wood stools are the favorites among the small furniture. With the timeless and elegant design of the treads and the reduction to the essential, the footstools fit into every interior. Whether as a children's stool in bright colors such as yellow and red or stepladder in an inconspicuous design such as white, oiled natural, black, gray and walnut oiled - the step stools are not only a visual highlight, but also very practical and functional.

In the bathroom, our step stool is a perfect children's furniture. They are a stable help for the children to reach the sink. In the living room, our footstool also allows you to reach high bookshelves and transform them into a side table for storing newspapers and glasses. In the office, a wooden step is not only visually appealing, but also practically usable as an office stool, stool, footstool or flower stool. In the home bedroom, the stools serve as a bedstead, stool wood or storage table. There are no limits to the possibilities of using our ecological and modern home accessories.

Intelligently designed - NATUREHOME's real wood footstools The two treads are perfectly designed to reach different heights with the help of the wooden stool. An integrated carrying handle helps the problem-free transport to the respective place of use of the step stool. But even without carrying handle such stepladder is easy to transport. The surface texture of the stools is also practical. The solid wood of beech, walnut or oak was refined exclusively with vegan means. Only non-polluting, pure plant-based wood coatings, wood stains and wood oils are associated with the natural material wood. The care is very easy: just wipe the surface of the footstool with a damp cloth.

What is a stool? The stool used to be a simple footstool. Gradually, so also called stool, which have been used as seating, but had no backrest. In the past, chairs were only available to the higher-ranking persons. The stools or stools for the common people usually had three to four legs. Stools with only one leg were used for milking. They were simply attached to the body with a strap. As a step stool is also entitled the tread. By this is meant a stool on which one can stably walk to get to something.