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Step Stool

Wooden step stool in modern design

The favourite of our customers - our footstool made from solid wood comes in two different forms, many sorts of wood and colours. Exclusively designed for NATUREHOME by a trendy Berlin brand, every of those DESIGN wooden stools win us over with a combination of function and style.

Show 7 Item(s)

Show 7 Item(s)

NATUREHOME step stools: elegant all-rounder

The real wood step stools are our favourites of the smaller items of furniture in our online shop. Since the design of the steps is classic, fashionable and stripped-down, the step stool fits in every furnishing. The step stools are a visible highlight. The wooden chairs are practical and functional, no matter if you use it as a children's stool in flashy colours like yellow and red or if you make use of it as a stepladder in with a basic colour way in a white, black, grey, natural or walnut oiled tone. The step stool is perfect for kids in your bathroom. Since you can stand on it, it is very handy for children to reach the sink. But it is also very helpful to enlarge yourself in the living room to reach the books in your bookshelf or to use it as a side table for newspaper, glasses and co. In the office you can utilise the step stool as a chair, a footstool or as a flower stand. In your bedroom the step stool is a good bedside table or a shelf. The possible uses of our natural and modern furniture have no limits.

Intelligent conception - real wood step stool by NATUREHOME

The two steps of the stool are well constructed to reach different heights. You can carry the stool with the integrated handle. But even without the carry handle it is easy to take the step stool from a to b since it is very lightweight. The surface of the stool is functional and made from beech, nut or oak wood. The structure was refined with vegan, non-toxic, plant-based varnishes, biological oils and glazes. It is very easy to take care of the step stool: Only wipe down the surface with a damp cloth.

What's a stool?

In the past a stool was only a footrest. After a while, people began to call it a stool, which was used as a seating furniture but didn't have an armrest. Chairs were only used by hierarchically higher people. The stool with three or four chair legs was made for primitive people. A stool with only one chair leg was used in a stable to milk. They were attached to the body with a strap. A step stool is also called step tread. This is a stool which you can use to enlarge yourself to reach upper parts in your home or garden.