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Kitchen utensils made of solid wood

Our ecological kitchen helpers are not only beautiful decoration for kitchen and living room. The exclusive design highlights the unique, amber wood grain and the warm wood color. As a pure natural product, no product is like another. Crafted by hand, each one is a real one of a kind.

Show 4 Item(s)

Show 4 Item(s)

Feel the warmth of the south

When an olive tree won't bear fruits anymore, the wood is used to make incomparable products. Every piece is unique because of the golden yellow, individual wood grain. The products remind of summer vacation, sun, and the mediterranean smell of herbs. Sustainable objects made from olive wood are not only decorative items, but hygienic and practical helpers in the kitchen. If you take care of the objects, they are very durable and last forever. Olive wood products are exclusive presents and gifts. They work as tableware in the garden as well as in the kitchen. The pieces are robust, insensibly, and bring out warm points in a modern furnishing. The mediterranean decoration will spread summer vibes.

Exclusive and functional helpers in your very own kitchen

Products made from olive wood are predestined to be used in the kitchen. Since olive wood grows particularly slow, it is very strong and scratch-resistant. The natural amount of oil inside the wood leads to an odourless feature. It also doesn't take on colours. Olive wood is antibacterial and durable. Another benefit is that kitchen equipment made from olive wood is long-lasting. If you treat them well, the olive wood items last forever. But even if they won't, they are 100% degradable. Compared to kitchen equipment made from PU, the manufacture of the olive wood products doesn't release contaminants or toxic plasticizer. Kitchen helpers made from wood and natural fabrics are not only functional, but wonderful decoration items. The warm colours of the wood spread harmony and warmth.

High-quality manufacture

Olive wood has a high density. Before it is manufactured into a product, it seasoned for years. That's why our handmade kitchen and home accessories made from this wood are very scratch-resistant and durable. Since the pieces are only refined with olive oil, they are non-toxic and hygienic natural products in your kitchen. Every kitchen accessory is made from wood. Therefore, every olive wood item is unique. We pay attention to high quality. Since olive wood is an organic fabric with residual damp, knots and fine cracks can't be avoided. NATUREHOME watches out for a fair trade of every participant of their production chain. The wood of the olive tree is cut from the trees when they don't bear fruits anymore. Our photos are only examples, how your individual product looks like. Be surprised by the unique wood grain of your olive wood kitchen equipment.

The right care

Olive wood is easy to clean and very hygienic. The hard and robust wood is impervious to discolouration and odours. Don't leave the olive wood products in hot water for too long. We advice to clean the items with a sponge or cloth and warm water. Use a gentle detergent, like the biological ones from NATUREHOME. Don't put wood products in the dishwasher. Use linseed oil to keep the wood vital and to maintain the exclusive wood grain and the golden yellow color.