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Set of 4 honey spoons olive wood, 15 cm

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Article number: NHB4411
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Untreated olive wooden honeydipper

The handcrafted and amber-colored grained olive wooden honeydipper from NATUREHOME shows to advantage especially good in honey that is shining like gold. During use, the honeydipper made of olive wood does not let get lost any drop of honey anymore. Here, you find design and functionality together in perfect harmony.

Here, nothing trickles or spills sideways

Thanks to its special shape, our NATUREHOME olive wooden honeydipper can take up especially much honey and hold it better than conventional spoons. When dunking the honeydipper, the honey concentrates in the worked into lamellar structure. By turning the honeydipper afterwards, nothing is trickling anymore. Without spilling onto the table cloth, everything ends up where it should– in the mug, on the bread or in the mouth. Furthermore, the tough, slowly growing wood is extremely resistant to moisture so that the honeydipper does not become rough nor brittle. The distinctive wood grain and the warm color of the olive wood turns it into a very special individual item. Just like the honey, our honeydipper is a sheer ecological natural product. Done by hand and treated with olive oil only, olive tree wooden products are perfect and at the same time upscale kitchen helper. The oil protects them against dessication and germs. As they are insensitive to odors, paint and scratches, you can clean the honeydipper easily with warm water and some dish detergent. And when it is not sticking in the honey, our olive wooden boards are a perfect tray for the NATUREHOME honeydipper.

Dimensions: approx. 5.9" / 15 cm
Care instructions: Do not put olive wooden products into the dishwasher. Preferably, sluice it with a soft sponge or cloth with a protecting cleaner and lukewarm water (water that is too hot can lead to scratches). Afterwards, wipe it, do not let it drain, and slather it with some olive oil. In doing so, the wood does not dry out and the characteristic grain and the amber color of the wood get maintained.
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