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Wooden serving trays

Our must-have: the serving tray by NATUREHOME


The noble solid wood makes our serving trays real gems. Whether you use the tray as a decorative tray with beautifully draped scented candles or as a breakfast tray for a perfect start to the day, the high-quality wood and the unique grain make each of the breakfast and serving trays a real eye-catcher. Our lacquered trays in bold red are particularly striking here. You can see and feel the loving craftsmanship that has gone into the production of the wooden trays, which are finished with organic varnish.

Show 26 Item(s)

Show 26 Item(s)

rectangular or round - utensil or table decoration: there are many possible uses for the Home serving tray

As a simple decorative element or for use in the living room - practical as a variable base or sofa tray - each wooden tray can be used in many ways. Our round trays offer plenty of space and are sometimes more suitable for attractively decorating fruit or vegetables on the table than, for example, a decorative wooden bowl. Since this is a natural product, differences in the coloring within one type of wood are not uncommon and underline the individual character of each piece.

What other possible uses are there for my NATUREHOME wooden tray?

NATUREHOME offers the right sustainable tray for every need. A classic serving tray saves you the hassle of going back and forth between the kitchen, garden and living room. Additional handles with or without cut-outs for the hand and the ergonomic edges guarantee safe transport and make the NATUREHOME wooden trays the perfect kitchen and household help when serving culinary delights. A wooden tray - or tray in English - with a high frame prevents glasses and dishes from falling. So you can pamper your guests stress-free and stylishly and elegantly with high-quality designer pieces made of solid wood. The NATUREHOME wooden trays are also decorative eye-catchers thanks to their appearance. As a decorative tray combined with candles and other beautiful home accessories, you can conjure up an individual table decoration in no time at all. A tray can also be used in many ways as a practical laptop base. A wooden tray filled with all kinds of healthy fruit can also function as a fruit bowl.

Are the wooden trays also available in different sizes and as a set?

We offer many of the NATUREHOME trays in three different sizes as a set of 3. The set can be easily stacked on top of each other. The large tray gives you enough space to add mugs, cups, plates and cutlery. The medium size can be used comfortably for breakfast, as a sofa tray or as an elegant decorative tray. On a small tray you can perfectly serve two cups of coffee or two glasses of wine to end the evening comfortably. Find the right size of tray at NATUREHOME, depending on how you want to use it and your taste!

Where does the wood for my decorative tray come from and how sustainable is the shipping in the shop?

For every wooden tray and for all other home accessories, we only use wood from certified sustainable forestry. The conservation of resources is a decisive factor. We pay attention to short transport routes as well as environmentally friendly packaging and CO₂-neutral shipping routes. In our manufactories in Germany and Europe, we manufacture each of our serving trays by hand. Also for the finishing of the wood we only use ecological materials - not at all shabby. With colorless organic wood oil, the grain of the wood is emphasized even more, making each wooden tray something unique.

Trays from NATUREHOME: modern wood and elegant shapes

For our home accessories, wooden trays and small furniture, we work with young and experienced designers who create modern, elegant designs exclusively for us. It is always important to us not to neglect the functionality of the trays. They not only look beautiful, but are also of great practical use. In our range you can choose between different colours, designs, sizes and shapes: from exclusive and high-quality such as walnut and oak trays to sustainable and vintage such as beech and chestnut wood. From rectangular and round to unusual geometric shapes - the NATUREHOME wooden trays offer everything a designer's heart desires. As the latest design piece in our shop, we present the NH-G wooden tray with a stainless steel handle. This accessory adds an extra portion of exclusivity.

What can I do if I'm unsure about the right tray in terms of wood, size or price?

As a brand manufacturer, we are your contact if you have any questions about the serving trays or are interested in a special wooden tray. Are you unsure which tray size is right for you or which type of wood best suits your furnishing style? Then contact us. We're here to help. We are also your contact for individual requests or questions about wood samples! Each wooden tray is unique and you can conveniently order it online in our shop and it will be delivered directly to your home. Our free shipping within Germany takes place from a price in the shopping cart of 69,- € (incl. VAT)

Why a serving tray?

Of course, a tray is multifunctional. But its primary function is to transport something without much effort: Whether it's a complete breakfast or a practical base for Bücher or decorative elements - the serving tray can be used in all areas of life. Especially if you live in a somewhat larger flat or house, this helper has a number of advantages. Thanks to the serving tray, even less mobile people can carry things from A to B quite comfortably, without bruising themselves or even dropping anything.

Wooden tray from certified sustainable forestry


NATUREHOME pays attention to the conservation of resources for all manufactured trays. Short transport routes and natural, sustainable materials are crucial in the manufacture of our products. Each individual serving tray is therefore handmade in our small manufactories in Europe and is therefore not only unique and individual, but also very stable and durable. The wood for the tray comes from certified sustainable forestry, so we guarantee the sustainability of our NATUREHOME products.

Buy wooden serving trays in different designs online


A team of young designers creates each wooden tray exclusively and together with NATUREHOME. Whether square, equipped with metal struts or with artfully slanted side edges – each tray series is something special and combines functionality and design. The modern design of the design serving tray series is characterised by straight shapes and clear lines. In terms of colour, you are spoilt for choice between serving trays made of high-quality oak, beech or walnut wood as well as lacquered models in red. Wood as a material already creates a warm and friendly atmosphere, which means that the tray can be combined well with different colours and materials. The natural trays impress with their unique grain and their natural appearance. But also a breakfast tray in red is definitely a real eye-catcher. Whether it's a cosy breakfast for two, a relaxing hour on the sofa or dinner with the whole family on the terrace or in the garden – you can buy our wooden trays in different sizes or as a set. Our trays are particularly practical and easy to use in a decorative arrangement. Simply place or lay your favourite decorative objects on the tray and enjoy the sensual arrangement every day according to your mood and personal taste. A special highlight is our NH-U tray, which can be transformed into a modern laptop base in no time at all.

A breakfast tray in bed in the morning


Surfaces without edges are particularly suitable as bed trays. Food should not be stored in the bedroom in particular. A breakfast tray is therefore ideal for safety in bed. Starting with the stable transport of food from the kitchen to the room or bed. If you have children in the household, we recommend a NH-B tray with an extra high rim.

Why a bed tray?

A bed tray is of course not just a serving tray. There are many more ways to do some things from bed. A bed tray serves as a base for a laptop, as a shelf for a book, a glass of water or reading glasses. It can be used for eating, crafting and painting. A bed tray is most helpful when you are ill, for example, and need to rest a lot. This way you can also have a stable and robust tray / surface from the bed on which you can do various small tasks. If you don't have a bed tray or breakfast tray yet, you should definitely be convinced of its advantages!