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Kinderlöffel / Salz-/Zuckerlöffel Olivenholz 9 cm

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Artikelnummer: NH4750
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6,50 €
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Salz-/Zuckerlöffel aus exklusiven Olivenholz

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Wooden egg spoons - The perfect alternative to plastic spoons

This olive wood egg spoon is the perfect breakfast utensil. Each one is unique with its beautiful, natural and individual grain. But not only the look of the wooden teaspoon is something very special, but also its characteristics. The solid olive wood is predestined for use in the kitchen. It is antiseptic, anti-allergenic, cut resistant and absorbs no odors. Each spoon is made of solid wood and sealed exclusively with a natural olive oil. This makes our NATUREHOME olive wood products genuine natural products that are absolutely vegan and ecological.

Use: For the interior.
Care instructions: Do not clean olive wood products in the dishwasher. If possible, wash with a soft sponge or cloth with gentle organic detergent and lukewarm water (too hot water can cause cracks). Occasionally you should rub it with linseed oil.
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