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Pen Tray

Pen holders & pen trays made of wood

The elegant wooden pen tray

If something important is signed, the pen is already on the pen tray ready! In contrast to the pen box, where everything is stored from the pencil to the pen, the pen tray is an elegant detail on the office table. With a length of about 19 cm and a width of 6 cm, the pen tray offers just enough space for a chic pen or fountain pen.

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Show 1 Item(s)

The perfect desk with pen tray, note box and co. The Pen Tray by NATUREHOME is one of our office series that will get your desk up to speed quickly. In addition to pen trays made of wood also include letter tray, stand collector, pencil box and much more to the range. Unlike the usual office supplies made of plastic, our office series consist of oak, beech or walnut wood. The pencil tray with 19 cm length was made of smooth ground solid wood. The support surface is slightly concave so that the pin does not roll from the tray.

Wooden office accessories: elegant instead of rustic Natural materials give every room a special charm. In the study, wood accessories are slowly regaining their footing after being replaced by plastic in the meantime. At NATUREHOME we support this development with office accessories that, while made of untreated wood, still meet the requirements of modern furniture. Timeless shapes, smooth surfaces and a long service life make our Office series the perfect companion in everyday office life. The wood used comes from native plants from sustainable forestry. You also save the environment when it comes to choosing a stand-up collector, storage compartment and pen holder and invest in office supplies that will accompany you for a long time.