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wood stain

Natural wood stain for a sustainable home

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Show 11 Item(s)

Well-cared for wooden surfaces with a natural wood glaze

The wood glazes from NATUREHOME are vegetable all-rounders, which are used for priming and finishing any wood surface. Depending on which wood stain you choose, the selected surface structure is either supported or colored across the board. Our wood stains give the selected furniture a new look and a radiant shine. The natural wood glaze is an ideal basis for protecting the wood and ensures a long-lasting color result.

Primer with ecological wood glaze

Priming is an important process when treating raw woods. It prepares the wood for the subsequent refinement with wood glazes, wood varnishes or wood waxes. A primer with a wood stain creates a solid base for further processing. The furniture glazes do not seal the surface, but penetrate it and act as a wood care product. Our glazes are therefore particularly suitable as a basis for natural wood protection and a long-lasting color result. The wood glaze can be used indoors and outdoors. Since all substances are of natural origin, the glaze can also be used in children's rooms or in the food sector. Simply sand down all previous layers of the wooden surface of your piece of furniture, and you're good to go. The wood glaze is applied with a brush, sponge or spray device.

Wood finishing with glaze from NATUREHOME

NATUREHOME's wood glaze is based on natural oils and natural resins and is a perfect refiner for your wooden surfaces. Give old wood a fresh coat of paint. The glaze can be used for all solid wood, veneers and multiplex indoors. Garden furniture and cupboard interior parts can also be treated with this natural wood protection. With our selection of different glazes, you can choose between a natural shade of your wood or a colored variant. Do you want to retain and support the wood grain or color the surface to be opaque? The glaze can be applied in all common processing methods.

Ecological wood glaze for the children's room

With a natural wood glaze from NATUREHOME it becomes colorful in the children's room. Our NATUREHOME toy glaze brings old wooden toys back to life. With the natural wood protection you can give your children's toys a new coat of paint. The best thing about it, all of this is done with a clear conscience, because our glazes are developed on a natural basis. Thanks to the ecological ingredients, the glazes are ideal for sensitive objects of all kinds. This gives old toys a new, fresh and radiant shine.

Why you should choose an ecological wood stain DYI: How to restore your wooden furniture yourself

Before you start working with the wood, all previous layers of your furniture such as silicone compounds or other chemical paints must be completely sanded off before application. Otherwise the risk from the residual substances is very high. The new paint, oil or wood wax may crumble off. A primer with a base oil creates a solid basis for further processing. The colorless wood oils from NATUREHOME are particularly suitable as a basis for natural wood protection and a long-lasting color result in the interior. The NATUREHOME furniture glaze in different wood colors can also be used as a primer and is perfect for wardrobe interior parts. The furniture glazes do not seal the surface, but penetrate it and act as a wood care product. As with the furniture glaze, the beautiful wood grain also shimmers with the furniture oil through your wooden furniture. In addition, you also protect and care for the wood of your piece of furniture. After the primer, wood glazes, matt varnish or toy glaze can be applied in different colors. Pay attention to the thickness of the paint layer. It's better to apply a thin layer three times than one thick layer. If the application is too thick, it will not dry properly, which will lead to fine cracks and irregularly shiny surfaces. For the final treatment, you can apply OIL wax. The best way to do this is to massage in a little oil with a cotton cloth. After drying, you can use a sanding or polishing pad and refine the surface again with a thin layer of oil. Always ventilate the premises when doing DIY.