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wood stain - colored, environmentaly friendly and pollutant free

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Holzlasur - farbig, umweltfreundlich und schadstofffrei 375 ml / 750 ml

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The wood stain by NATUREHOME can be used due to their plant-manufacturing base in the interior of solid woods, veneers and plywood. Also, garden furniture and cabinet interiors can be treated with this natural wood protection. Only for treads it is not suitable. In the vibrant colors white, pink, light blue and lime green you can get this stain.
Application area: Indoors
Application area: Im Innenbereich für Massivhölzer, Furniere und Multiplex, auch für Schrankinnenteile, Gartenmöbel. Nicht für Trittflächen geeignet.
Attributes: Nach DIN 53 160 speichel- und schweißecht. Nach DIN EN 71, Teil 3 auch für Spielzeug geeignet. Enthält keinen vorbeugenden Bläueschutz.
Volldeklaration: Linseed stand oil rosin ester, linseed oil, mineral pigments, titanium dioxide, chalk, linseed stand oil, linseed oil, wood oil-stand oil, Dehydrated castor stand oil, dehydrated castor oil, barium sulfate, silica, talc, micronized wax, isoaliphatics, orange oil, lemon oil, dehydrated amino sugar and lead-free drying agents (Co, Ca, Mn, Zr).
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NATUREHOME offers with this vegan wood stain that is pollution-free and environmentally friendly, a stain for a variety of uses. We recommend prior priming of the material with the priming oil of NATUREHOME, so that you achieve an optimal coating result. In preparation of the substrate, we refer to the detailed instructions in the Technical Data Sheet for this stain. Like all products of our paints and coatings program all manufactured only in Germany is also this stain mild in odor and saliva resistant. You will find application possibilities in all areas of life in which you value biologically flawless products. You can get this wood stain in sizes 375 ml and 750 ml and in four colors.

Colors: white, light blue, lime green, white
Scope : Interior of solid woods , veneers and plywood, also for cabinet interiors , garden furniture. Not suitable for treads. Features: According to DIN 53 160, saliva and sweat resistant. According to DIN EN 71, part 3 suitable for toys. Contains no preventive blue stain. Full declaration: Linseed stand oil natural resin ester , linseed oil, titanium dioxide, mineral pigments , chalk, linseed stand oil, Dehydrated castor stand oil , dehydrated castor oil , soy lecithin, linseed oil, wood oil stand oil , lemon oil, silica, micronized wax , orange oil, pine oil , Isoaliphates , alumina, dehydrated amino sugar and lead- free drying agents (Co, Mn , Zr , Zn, Ca) . Consumption: 2.5 l undiluted sufficient for approx 60 m² per coat . 0.75 l undiluted is sufficient for approximately 17 m2 per coat . Trial order ! Disposal: According to locally regulated laws . Dried material can be disposed of as household waste. Safety: When painting ventilate well. When grinding airways from wood dust protect! Possible at low light strong yellowing. Contains limonene and cobalt (2 +) salts. May produce an allergic reaction. S 2 Keep out of the reach of children S 62 If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

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