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wood paint

Holzlack für Ihre Möbel

NATUREHOME M & ouml; bellack for a natural surface

Do you feel good all round at home and do something good for the environment? Ecological wood varnishes not only protect the environment, but also let the wood surfaces in your home shine with an ecological footprint. From now on you no longer have to worry about the processing of your wooden surfaces. With the natural wood varnishes from NATUREHOME you can rely on your treated surfaces with a clear conscience. In contrast to conventional wood, our ecological wood varnishes do not contain any harmful substances.

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Show 4 Item(s)

Glossy wooden surfaces with a natural wood varnish

The wood varnishes by NATUREHOME are vegetable all-rounders for refining and priming wooden surfaces. With our wood varnishes, the selected surface structure is completely sealed and refined. Our wood coatings give the selected furniture a radiant appearance and a new shine. The natural clear lacquer is the ideal protection for wood and convinces with a long-lasting lacquer color result. Secretions that get into the groundwater and into your own home can lead to unpleasant smells, are not an issue. Our lacquer is made up of the same components as conventional wood lacquer, but differs in the choice of raw materials.

Refine your wooden surfaces with natural varnish from NATUREHOME

The wood varnish by NATUREHOME is based on natural oils and natural resins and is a perfect refiner for your wooden surfaces. Give old wooden surfaces a fresh coat of paint, whether matt or glossy. The wood varnish can be used for all solid wood, veneers and multiplex indoors. Garden furniture and cupboard interior parts can also be treated with this natural wood protection. However, the lacquer is not suitable for windows, floors and other steps. The final result of the degree of gloss is only achieved after approx. 10 days. Convince yourself of the NATUREHOME M & ouml; bellack!

Why you should choose an ecological wood varnish

Especially in our own four walls, we value good quality and natural products. The surfaces that we use and touch on a daily basis should be free of dangerous substances. That is why natural ingredients are very important to us. The wood varnish by NATUREHOME is a plant-based varnish that is vegan, has a mild odor and is saliva-proof. In contrast to conventional varnish, our wood varnishes do not contain any harmful substances. Ecological wood varnishes are made up of the same components as conventional products, but they differ in the choice of raw materials. They consist of natural ingredients that are easily degradable. In addition, the wood varnish from NATUREHOME is obtained from renewable resources. Since it is very important to us that resources are conserved in our products, we pay attention to short transport routes, environmentally friendly packaging and CO₂-neutral shipping routes. In order to protect the environment holistically, NATUREHOME also relies on the production "Made in Germany" for the wood varnish.

The paint is off - time to paint!

After a while it can happen that the paintwork on some surfaces or furniture loses its shine and color. This is completely normal and happens even with the best wood protection. Because the product does not lose functionality or usability, you should definitely not buy a replacement. Only when safe use is no longer guaranteed or you can no longer use the furniture for its actual purpose. The golden rule at this point is: paint with new M & ouml; bellack!
Our lacquer is available in different variants and colors (also colorless), which is why you will definitely find a suitable wood lacquer for your interior or parquet. As soon as you have found a suitable m & ouml; bellack, paint whatever it takes. With the new wood protection and the varnish, your old furniture will shine in new splendor. Before you paint your furniture with the wood varnish, however, you should note the following.

Before painting: priming with ecological wood oil

In order to achieve the best possible result when painting your wooden surfaces, priming is an important process when treating raw wood. It prepares the wood for the subsequent finishing. Our natural primer oil is intended for the pretreatment of untreated and raw wood. A primer with oil creates a solid base for further processing with wood varnish and therefore plays an important role. Our wood oils are particularly suitable as a basis for natural wood protection for a long-lasting color result with wood varnish. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the oil can be used in many ways. Since all fabrics are of natural origin, the primer can also be used in children's rooms or in the food sector. Simply sand off all previous layers of the wooden surface of your furniture and you can start priming. After priming, you can then easily paint your furniture with the selected colored lacquer.

DYI: How to restore your wooden furniture with lacquer yourself

Before you start working with the wood, all previous layers of your furniture such as silicone compounds, Bondex or other chemical paints must be completely sanded off before application. Otherwise the risk from the residual substances is very high. The parquet varnish, oil or wood wax may break off. A primer with a primer oil creates a solid base for further processing. The colorless wood oils from NATUREHOME are particularly suitable as a primer for natural wood protection and a long-lasting color result indoors. The NATUREHOME M & ouml; bellasur in different (wood) colors can also be used as a primer and is perfect for wooden cabinet interior parts. The furniture glazes do not seal the surface, but penetrate into it and act as a wood care product. As with furniture glaze, the beautiful wood grain shimmers through after painting your wooden furniture. In addition, you also protect and care for the wood of your furniture and serve as wood protection. After the primer, wood glazes, matt varnish or toy glaze can be applied in different colors. Pay attention to the thickness of the paint layer. It is better to apply a thin layer three times than just one thick layer. If it is applied too thickly, it will dry inadequately, which can lead to the formation of fine cracks and irregularly shiny surfaces. For the final treatment and for wood protection, you can apply oil wax. The best way to do this is to massage in a little oil with a cotton cloth. After drying, you can use a sanding or polishing pad and finish the surface again with a thin layer of oil. Always ventilate the area when painting.