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wood brush

Natural wooden brush by NATUREHOME

Brushes belong to our daily lives, but we don't pay too much attention to them. With a natural wooden brush by NATUREHOME this will change. Our hard brushes are very versatile in application. Different shapes serve different purposes. Since we care for the environment, every scrubber by NATUREHOME is made from raw, sustainable wood. All wooden brushes are manufactured in Germany. You can find brushes with natural and vegan bristles. Search for your personal favourite.

Show 7 Item(s)

Show 7 Item(s)

Versatile wooden brushes with different shapes

Brushes turn out to be very versatile. The shapes and the features of our wooden brushes fit together. No matter if you want to use the brush in your bathroom, for your shoes, in your kitchen or to do the cleaning, just find the right brush for your personal usage. For our wooden brushes we only use certified wood from sustainable forestry. We care for the resources where our products are made from. We also pay attention to short ways of transportation, eco-friendly packaging and CO₂ friendly shipping. Our solid wood brushes are handmade. You can choose between natural or vegan bristles. Every purpose will find a matching brush.

Why you should choose a wooden brush

Natural items are very important in an eco-friendly home. Wooden objects not only ensure a sustainable production, they are a good way to reduce plastic habits. Our wooden brushes are durable, reliable, and solid. Find your personal match in the NATUREHOME online shop.

Which wooden brush serves your purposes?

Before you choose a wooden brush by NATUREHOME, you should consider which purposes the brush has to serve. Our natural product range comprises from a small hand brush for your bathroom to a a clean-up brush made for floors. We have different shapes and sizes. Don't forget about the various bristles.

The perfect brush for your bathroom

Did you ever massage your back with a wooden brush with natural bristles? If not, you don't want to miss out the opportunity of pure relaxation in your own bathroom. The bathing brush by NATUREHOME wants to take a bath with you. Don't be shy. For cat licks we have smaller wooden brushes. The hand brushes are very handy in your bathroom. The bristles get rid of the dirt underneath your nails. You can also try the hand brush for your dirty laundry. No chance for stains on your clothes.

Do the cleaning with a wooden brush by NATUREHOME

Of course, nobody can avoid dirt. We are no superheroes. But our wooden brushes are. With the right brush you fight every stubborn dirt. The bristles scrub unwanted dirt out of your way.

Have an easy shoeshine

Some dirt might be stubborn and not too easy to get rid of. With a solid wooden brush by NATUREHOME you remove dirt on your shoes easily. With a suede leather brush you eliminate unwelcome spots on your beloved suede shoes. The bristles are made from brass. Refine your footwear with the right polish.

A wooden brush for your kitchen?

Our wooden brushes are your new friend in the kitchen. The vegetable brush works well to remove dirt from root vegetables. The brush has softer natural bristles, which won't hurt the vegetables. Cup and dishwashing brushes keep your kitchen clean after having meals. If the food sticks in your kitchen equipment, those brushes help to clean up. With the right detergent washing up is a walk in the park.