Wooden Tray

Our wooden tray – a timeless classics

In every NATUREHOME wooden tray design and functionality form a unit. Elegant, timeless shapes and highquality, certified solid wood with a beautiful grain lend an individual note to every wooden tray.
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A wooden tray for all situations

The serving try is a real classic with a long traditon for centuries. WIthout doubt they re practical but often they do not look good and are not modern. Trays by NATUREHOME have now a modern, geometric form. Pure design combined with elegance and style. Thanks to elegant wood colurs and the high-quality procedding these trays made out of solid wood can remain on the table as home accessorie or decoration tray. There a various purposes. With a wooden design tray you will definitely make an impression. Especially now in the up-coming garden season. The warm solid wood matches perfectly to the rustic garden furniutres. Whether while having breakfast outsid or the next BBQ - summer feelings will come up.

Timeless, modern design

For our home accessories, wooden trays and smalll furniture items we collaboratewith creative young designers. As our design accessories should not just look good, maximum functionality is most important. Available in different sizes, you can choose your elegant wooden tray according to your taste and purpose or you order directly our set consisting of 3 trays. Despite the used solid wood every wooden trays has a pleasant heaviness. The stable handle strips as well as the rounded corners provide a good fit. Every decoration tray is the result of highest quality in design and productioin. Due to its decent shape the serving help can be used multifunctionally.

High-quality processing

Our wooden trays as well as all other home accessories are made out of certified wood from sustainable cultivation. Processed in small manufactories. As sometimes something is spilled on the tray, every tray was sealed with pine oil. This natural wood protection protects it from stains and discolouring. The tranperant organic wood oil stresses additionally the grain of the solid wood. As unique as every tree, the grain of every serving tray is unique. Furniture with warm, rich wood colours and geometric forms are timeless classics. Every wooden tray can perfectly be combined with other furniture and sets beautiful highlights. With our sustainable products we want to distance ourselves from inferior products from mass production. At the same time we set a conciously statement.

Maximum functionality

Our NATUREHOME small furniture items and serving tray consist of solid wood and are treated with pollutant-free organic wood oils and organic wood varnishs. NATUREHOME stands for ideal living climate. Our products do not release formaldehyde or any other harmful toxines. Due to this fact our serving trays can be uses everywhere. In large size the tray is mainly suitable for the next garden party or dinner on a grand scale. Medium-sized trays are completely sufficient for two having breakfast in bed. You can simply put our wooden tray on the tabel. Our smallest tray made out of wood is suitable as mat for Christmas decorations, for arraning candles or as fruit basket in your kitchen. The high-quality processing and the decent design have also an elegant effect in conference rooms or medical offices. As pad for cups and glasses you protect the table and it fits perfectly to your interior. Due to the large variety for purposes and the open design every wooden tray can remain on the table when it is not is use. Our set of 3 can be perfeclty stacked into each other.