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toy stain 125 ml, in many colors

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Article number: NHK8499
Weight: 1,00 kg

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stain for toys and furniture

Stain for toys and furniture in bright colors. The wood stain for toys and solid wood is a product of the pollution-free and vegetable wood stains "made in Germany". They are suitable for all solid woods and in particular also for toys and play equipment indoors.


The wood and toy stain can be applied undiluted or diluted depending on application method with brush or spray equipment and also used in dipping process. In order to achieve an optimal color results, we ask you to observe our detailed application instructions. For pre-treatment of the wood, we recommend priming of NATURE HOME. Like all products from our paints and coatings program is also this stain vegan and saliva resistant. Because of their vegetable production base it is environmentally friendly and mild in odor.You get the toy stain of NATURE HOME in 4 colors (125 ml).
MORE DETAILS:Coverage: 125ml : about 2 m , that is, 56 ml / m². This natural wood protection is available in the colors white, pink, light blue and pastel green, the colors are mixed together. Trial order! Application : indoors , for solid woods , such as Furniture, toys and play equipment . Features: Sweat and saliva according to DIN 53 160 Suitable 3 ( no migration of heavy metals ) for toys according to DIN EN 71, part . Contains no preventive blue stain. Full declaration: Linseed stand oil natural resin ester, linseed oil, mineral pigments , titanium dioxide , chalk, linseed stand oil , linseed oil , tung oil - stand oil, Dehydrated castor stand oil , dehydrated castor oil , barium sulfate , silica, talc , micronized wax, isoaliphatics , orange oil , lemon oil, dehydrated amino sugar and lead- free drying agents (Co, Ca, Mn , Zr) . Disposal: According to locally regulated laws. Dried material can be disposed of as household waste. Safety: At the end of processing look for sufficient ventilation. Contains limonene, cobalt (2 +) salts. May produce an allergic reaction. S 2 Keep out of the reach of children S 62 If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.
Weight (kg)1.0000
Application areaIndoors
Application areaIm Innenbereich, für Massivhölzer, z.B. Möbel, Spielzeuge und Spielgeräte.
AttributesSchweiß- und speichelecht nach DIN 53 160. Für Spielzeug nach DIN EN 71, Teil 3 (keine Migration von Schwermetallen) geeignet. Enthält keinen vorbeugenden Bläueschutz.
VolldeklarationLinseed stand oil rosin ester, linseed oil, mineral pigments, titanium dioxide, chalk, linseed stand oil, linseed oil, wood oil-stand oil, Dehydrated castor stand oil, dehydrated castor oil, barium sulfate, silica, talc, micronized wax, isoaliphatics, orange oil, lemon oil, dehydrated amino sugar and lead-free drying agents (Co, Ca, Mn, Zr).
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Price per liter£22.26