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Solid wood stools from certified sustainable forestry

Our wooden stools are as diverse as the people who use them. But two things all the models of stools have in common: They are made of high quality ecological materials and impress with exclusive design. Discover our different types of stools: Beech stools, Walnut stool, red stools, white stools, black stools...

Show 3 Item(s)

Show 3 Item(s)

Design furniture Wood Stools from sustainable Production

Whether tree trunk stool or step - all our small furniture is made of wood from certified sustainable forestry. The NATUREHOME wood oils, wood varnishes and wood glazes are based on purely natural ingredients, which makes the stools vegan products.
Sustainability is NATUREHOME's top priority in production. Therefore all our products are handcrafted in manufactories in Germany and the EU and are lacquered or oiled by hand. The linear and natural styling is very close to the natural tree trunk and yet perfectly finished and designed. Together with selected designers, such as the Berlin design label Läufer+Keichel, elegant designer pieces have been created that are both functional and exclusive.
Perfectly natural are cracks and small irregularities in the surface, which are caused by the drying process and which express a deliberate contrast to the smooth polished surface. The treetrunk stool is manufactured from an untreated whole piece of wood and can also be used as a side table made of solid wood. The solid stools are available in natural oak, walnut, beech or alder wood, refined with furniture oil, as well as lacquered. Coloured stools such as stools in red, black, yellow and white offer a variety of combination possibilities for your home furnishings or a high-quality interior as office furniture.

Wood stools – practical solid Wood Furniture für versatile Use

Whether as a side table or stool, as a storage table or even as an exclusive bedside table made of solid wood - the ecological tree trunk stools are versatile. The designer stools with their different wood types and colours are practical helpers for different living areas.
In the living room they serve as a practical addition to a seat and in the bathroom as a stool, where towels and clothes can be placed upon. In case once again a spontaneous guest arrives for your celebration more than expected, quickly fetch the practical wooden stool to the dining table or when barbecuing on the terrace and you have one more seat available. The wooden stools can also be used as an exclusive side table. In the living room, magazines and glasses can be placed on it or a beautiful plant can be set in scene as the stool serves as a high-quality flower stand.
As mobil stools in the office, seating constellations can be spontaneously put together and set apart again, allowing free and creative working. With the help of the integrated carrying handles, some of the small stools made of solid wood can be moved from one place of use to the next and also offer stable storage space as a side table.
But even the small pieces of furniture without carrying handle can be used mobile due to its practical size, weight and shape. Its minimalist, timeless design with clear, geometric shapes matches both different wood shades and modern interior and can be wonderfully combined with any piece of furniture.