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Organic hand soaps for fragrant care

Our hand soap is based on 100% organically grown vegetable soaps made from olive and coconut oil, vegetable alcohol and vegetable glycerine have an antiseptic effect and preserve the natural moisture of your skin. Essential oils and healing herbs from wild collection and controlled organic cultivation make our antibacterial hand soaps something very special.

Since we do not use petrochemicals, preservatives, dyes, enzymes and parabens and use natural sugar surfactants in our vegan soaps , they are not only 100% biodegradable, but also healthy for the whole family. Let yourself be bewitched by the heavenly and vitalizing fragrance composition!

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Show 19 Item(s)

Which is better, bar soap or liquid soap?

The cleaning performance of bar soap and liquid soap is identical. The technique of washing your hands is important. Hands should be thoroughly wetted on all sides with the soap for at least 20 seconds and then dried with a clean towel.

How unsanitary are hand soaps?

Solid hand soaps have a bad reputation. They are considered germ spreaders, as many bacteria cavort on the damp surface and the slippery feeling of a damp, soggy hand Soap is not for everyone. This shortcoming does not apply to liquid soap from the soap dispenser. Unlike many other liquid soaps, NATUREHOME liquid soaps are not produced synthetically, but are subject to an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. In addition, the natural additives are kind to the skin and biodegradable.

What ingredients are contained in soap?

The base of the NATUREHOME hand soaps consists of 100% natural vegan soap, which contains olive and coconut oil as a basis. The natural barrier of the skin is not disturbed by plant based glycerin and plant based alcohol and at the same time an antiseptic effect is achieved. Essential oils and health-promoting herbs from organic farming complete the natural, antibacterial fragrance composition.

Is soap vegan?

Hand soap is not consistently vegan. Many soaps still contain animal additives or are made from slaughterhouse fats or animal fats. However, with our NATUREHOME hand soaps you can be absolutely sure that they are vegan and that no chemicals are used. This is not only good for the environment, but also for you and your loved ones!

A colorful potpourri of nourishing organic hand soaps

You like it fresh and fruity? Then the Lemongrass Soap is just right for you. The plant, which originates from Southeast Asia, is more familiar here from Asian cuisine, but its anti-inflammatory effect makes it ideal for our plant-based soaps. The exotic and spicy aroma invigorates your mind and body as you wash your hands.

Our two organic hand soaps with lavender and rosemary awaken Mediterranean feelings. The soothing, aromatic scent evokes images of lavender fields in Provence and rosemary bushes on the sunny Mediterranean shores.

Our Calendula natural soap is a little milder and has a sweeter smell. The bright orange-red marigold blooms everywhere in our home regions in summer and spreads pure joie de vivre. It was already popular as a medicinal plant in the Middle Ages and can still be found in numerous skin care products.

Experience a real feast for the senses with our rose petal hand soap. The wonderfully warm and floral scent of the queen of flowers will enchant you! The finest rose oil was a coveted product for beauty care in ancient times and was only reserved for the most powerful. With our vegan organic soap you will feel this luxury day after day.

The 7 herbs herbal soap is a whole potpourri of beneficial scents. Essential oils from lavender, rhododendron, clary sage, coriander, pepper, mountain savory and mint are perfectly balanced here and inspire you with a strong, spicy aroma.

Whichever fragrance composition you choose: All of our NATUREHOME hand soaps are vegan certified and 100% biodegradable. With a clear conscience, we do not use dyes and preservatives, enzymes and parabens and use pure sugar surfactants. You can feel and smell the difference to conventional soaps at first sight.