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Stearin scented candles, fragrance eucalyptus, set of 4

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Stearin scented candles, fragrance eucalyptus, set of 4

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Scented candle – Crystal Clear and Ecologicaly

Our NATUREHOME stearin scented candles do not only pamper your senses, but are also CO2 neutral and conserve our environment. They are made from 100% plant-based raw materials, have a bright, clear flame, a long burn time and a clear, crystalline structure. Our stearin candles are handcrafted.
Color: Turquoise
Durchmesser ca.: 6 cm
Material: Stearin

Colorful accents and heavenly aroma

The stearin scented candles do not only conjure up a warm and atmospheric lighting in your home, they also spread a delicate fragrance. The pillar candles have a diameter of 6 cm and can stand both on an appropriate candle holders, as well as for itself or on plates.The stearic scented candle "apple" is in color as fresh designed as the scent it spreads. The natural greenery is a beautiful splash of color in your home, and the scent of green apple is invigorating. Our "eucalyptus" held scented candle in a slightly darker green, a widespread, especially in the cold season very soothing scent.In a warm red colored and with a slightly fruity scent, our acts "pomegranate" scented candle harmonizing for all the senses.


The stearin used by us is made contrary to paraffin, which is a byproduct of petroleum processing, from pure vegetable raw materials. This stearin is considered CO2 neutral. In addition to good environmental balance stearin is still attributed other advantages over paraffin candles. They are considered firmer and are significantly less sooty. The melting point of stearic acid is higher than that of paraffin wax, so that the wax stays firm up to approximately 55 ° C and then is fluid, without first being soft and unstable. Therefore our stearin candles stay in shape also under sunlight.

Dimension and Care

Dimension: 6 x 12 cm

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