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Professional cook's knife with olive wood handle

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Premium Giesser professional cooking knife by NATUREHOME with olive wood handle

With its 20 cm blade length our universal NATUREHOME professional cooking knife is, with its premium blade from the exclusive german knife factory in Winnenden, perfectto chop herbs and cut vegetables and meat. The unique grain of the ergonomical and nonslip olive wood handle makes a unicum out of every cooking knife with Giesser blade.
Blade length: 20 cm
Total length: 33.5 cm
Material: Blade: Stainless steel (Chrome-Molybdenum) Handle: Olive wood

Professional quality for your home

Forged from premium Chrome-Moly-Steel, our professional cooking knife by NATUREHOME is an indispensable kitchen helper. The vacuum- hardened and polished blade offers no grip to rust and dirt. The finishing touches are made by a masters hand. It effortlessly glieds through meat and vegetables, without squashing it. The hard olive wood of the handle feels warm and smooth and is because of its moisture-resistant quality ideally used in the kitchen. The characteristically grained handle is not only pleasant to the hands, but also th eyes. The used wood is only farmed from parts of the olive tree that are no longer able to carry fruits. Worked by hand and only treated with olive oil - the handle of our knife is a real nature product. Olive wood is with its anti-bacterial, smell- and color-resistant qualities ideal for kitchen tools. Our NATUREHOME professional cooking knife therefore fullfills all hygenic standards. Perfect in form and of highest professional quality this cooking knife with the Giesser blade should not be missing in a passionate kitchen.Handle length: 12,0 cmBlade length: 20 cmTotal length: 33,6 cmMaterial: Blades from Chrome-Moly-Steel, handle from olive wood, oiled
Care instructions: The knife is not dishwasher safe. Regularly rub wooden handle of the NATUREHOME cooking knife with some household oil, like olive oil, let sit for a couple of minutes then remove any excess oil with paper towel.