Ecological wall paint in fresh colours

Already a new wall colour can do miracles and create a new feeling of space and awreness of life! Beautify your home with fresh, organic wall colours. Our ecological wall paint are produced on the basis of natural and renewable resources in organic quality.

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Time for new paint?

Our colour palette includes ecological wall paint in modern, soft pastel shades and a fresh, pure white. It is good to know that even the paint on the wall is pollutant-free and free of hazardous chemicals. Especially in children's rooms and bedrooms natural colours free of pollutants provide a good feeling. We want to give you the possibility bringing nature to every aspect of your life. Our biological wall paint is not only good for your and your family but also environmental-friendly. Our natural wall paint sets wonderul highlights in shade of pink, lime-green or light blue or colours whole walls.

Nature for the whole house

With colourful wall paint great effects can be achived with colourful wall paint. Especially the children's romm can be more colourful. Shades of pastel are always stylish. The soft colour shades are rather decent and calming and therefore they are also very suitable for entire walls. That is how the princess' room in pink, the green jungle in lime-green wall paint or the bright sky in pastel blue come true. Create together with your child a little paradise. There is also the white emulsion wall paint matching to our natural paint. The white wall paint is also free of solvents and mild smelling. It can be used in the entire house and is also suitable for odor-sensitive people. Especially in the bedroom we often find chemical smells as very uncomfortable. With purely natural bedding and emulsion varnish free of preservatives you create a healthy room climate.

High-quality wall paint

Our NATUREHOME emulsion paint and colourful wall paint are as good as conventional paint. All natural paints are already ready for us and are shipped to your place in paint buckets. Our solvent free wall paint and emulsion paint which are plant-based and „Made in Germany“, convince with their good covering qualities, spreading quality, spreading capacity and a high quality. The colourful wall paint in shades of pastel and the natural emulsion paint are suitable for Raufasertapete, plaster,gypsum boards, clay plaster and previous emulsion coatings. Before painting with our natural colours you should cover switches and power points with masking tape and cover your furniture and floors with tarpaulins. High quality brushes and paint rolled absorb more and spill less paint. While painting with our ecological wall paint you should ensure adequate ventilation. As organic wall paint can also leave stains on your clothes, we recommend wearing protective clothing. After painting the dried out white and colourful NATUREHOME wall paint as well as the emulsion paint can simply be disposed with the domestic waste.

Natural paint for a healthy home

Our natural paint and pollutant-free emulsion paint can used in the entire interior. The high-quality organic wall paint has a good spreading quality and is easy to process. The colourful and white wall paint can simply be bought online. They will already be mixed and sent directly to you at home! You just have to open the lid oth the paint bucket and can get started. That is how you bring little by little nature to your home with our emulsion paint and organic wall paint in white and pastel shades. Pollutants which are released from furnitures and textiles are often underestimated but are often the cause for headache and discomfort. That is why NATUREHOME uses for its emulsion paint only purely natural ingredients. Make DIY really enjoyable .