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Organic surface disinfectant 100 ml

Article number: NH8028
Weight: 0,15 kg

In work

Base price: 49,50 €/l Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Vegan SURFACE DISINFECTANT in organic quality to go

The NATUREHOME organic surface desinfectant, on a vegetable alcohol basis and essential oils - the perfect daily companion, on the road or on holiday. Removes bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts reliably from all alcohol resistant surfaces. Without animal test produced in Germany - our desinfectant for surfaces is fully biodegradable and awarded ECO-guarantee.

Hygienically clean and fast at hand.

With the combination of essential oils from sage and lavender and vegetable alcoholNATUREHOME's organic surface disinfectant brings germ-free surfaces to the bathroom and sanity areas, the kitchen and on the go.
Whether toilets on trains, public institutions or restaurant, the bench on the play ground, office keyboards or the table on the camping sight - the practical spray bottle is quickly reached. Kills salmonellae, coli-bacteria, fungi, yeasts, HIV, flue viri etc. reliably.

100% vegetable, 100% pure

Hence the use of purely vegetable ingredients and the waiver of parabens, enzymes, fragrances, preservatives and colorants, our organic surface desinfectant is fully biodegradable and gentle to your materials. Energy-saving and eco-friendly production without animal tests - we consider self-evidentally. Additionally we suggest our organic hand sanitizer by NATUREHOME.
Safety advice: Keep away from children.
Usage instructions: Use only on alcohol resistant surfaces. Wipe the pre-cleaned surface entirely. Dries residue-free.
Reaction time:
Viruses: 30 seconds
Bacteria: 5 minutes
Fungi and yeasts: 15 minutes
DVG-listing food sector:
Bacterizidie, Fungizidie, Levurozidie
Sector C (canteen kitchens) mild contamination: 20°C, concentrated, 15 Min.
Sector A (meat and animal products) mild contamination: 20°C, concentrated, 30 Min.
Assassment:DVG-listing Sector C and A. Certified potency according to guidline Robert-Koch-Institut, RKI, 2004 and DVV. Certified potency according the european standards EN 1276, 1650, 13697, 14476. Proof on demand. BGVV: MK Nr. 28750,N-20357, N-20352, CHZB0882
Ingredients: 70% vegetable alcohol (ethanol)/ <1% essential oils from sage and lavender* (contains linalool*)/ whirled water ad 100%

*from certified organic farming
Weight (kg)0.1500
Ingredients70% pflanzlicher Alkohol (Ethanol)/ <1% ätherische Öle aus Salbei und Lavendel* (enthält Linalool*)/ gewirbeltes Wasser ad 100%*aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
Application areaFür alle alkoholbeständigen Oberflächen
Price per liter£28.26