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Allergy organic detergent PURE 120 ml

Allergy organic detergent PURE 120 ml

Article number: NH8006
Weight: 0,17 kg

Currently under manufacture

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entspricht £1.10 pro 100 Milliliter (ml) Incl. VAT, excl. Shipping Cost

Organic allergy detergent PURE.

On a rapeseed and sunflower oil basis - from certified organic farming - our allergy detergent from the PURE line is the optimal solution for the entire family. Without petrochemical ingredients, without preservatives, without enzymes and genetical engineerging and free from complexing agents and fragrances and colorants. The practical 120 ml sample size is ideal for travelling.

The product line PURE for allergy sufferers is nothing short of pure nature.

The NATUREHOME ecofriendly allergy detergent PURE unfolds its cleaning power starting from 30°C and is therefore suitable for both sensitive textiles and boil wash. Sensitive skin needs exceptional care. The same goes for the textiles you put on such skin. Detergents with artificial additives, like fragrances or colorants can cause an unpleasant feeling whilst wearing clothes. That is why we avoid petrochemistry completely in the development and production of our PURE-series. No matter whether colorful or white - your laundry will naturally be as clean as washed with conventional detergents.
Free of additives you can unhesitatingly wash baby clothes with our detergents as well.

The detergent with an environmental consciences

Especially on holidays mishaps are known to happen.Our allergy detergent reliably cleans spots and stains even on low temperatures in the sink. The ingredients are fully biodegradable. Therefore you also protect the environment. For senisitive skin we suggest other products from our especially developed allergy line PURE. All our cleaning supllies are made in Germany without animal testing.
Caution: Keep away from children.
Usage instructions: For colorful and white laundry.
Capacity: 2 l detergent last for 27 wash loads = 120 kg dry laundry (medium water hardness, normally soiled)
Ingredients: 5-15% soap from rapeseed oil*/sunflower oil*/ 5-15% non ionic tensides (sugar tenside)/ 5-15% anionic surfactants (cocnut fat alcohol sulphate)/ 1-5% vegetable alcohol (ethanol)/ < 1% anionic surfactants (sulphated castor oil)/ < 1 % citrate/ whirled water ad 100%

*from certified organic farming and wild collection Note: A light deposit is no reduction in quality. Both phases have an equal washing power. Shaking or mixing is therefore not necessary.
Weight (kg)0.1700
Ingredients5-15% Seife aus Rapsöl*/Sonnenblumenöl*/ 5-15% nichtionische Tenside (Zuckertensid)/ 5-15% anionische Tenside (Kokosfettalkoholsulfat)/ 1-5% pflanzlicher Alkohol (Ethanol)/ < 1% anionische Tenside (sulfatiertes Rizinusöl)/ < 1 % Citrat/ gewirbeltes Wasser ad 100%*aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
Application areaNo

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