Noble home accessories and practical kitchen tools made of olive wood

Our ecological olive wood products are not only beautiful, Mediterranean decoration for kitchen and living room. The exclusive design highlights the unique, amber wood grain and the warm wood color. As a pure natural product, no olive wood product is like another. Crafted by hand, each one is a real one of a kind.

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Feel the warmth of the south If an olive tree bears no fruit at the end of its long life, it produces beautiful and unique olive wood products. The golden yellow, individual grain makes each piece a unique piece. They remind us of the last summer vacation, the sun and the smell of Mediterranean spices. Sustainable products made of olive wood are not only decorative, but also hygienic and practical kitchen helpers. With proper care, these high-quality home accessories can give you a lifetime of pleasure. Olive wood products are also perfect as an exclusive gift and souvenir. As crockery in the garden, it is robust and insensitive, in the kitchen and household, it sets warm accents even in modern interiors. This Mediterranean decoration will spread the summer mood.

Exclusive and useful kitchen helpers Olive wood products are predestined for use in the kitchen. Since the olive tree wood grows very slowly, it is particularly hard and scratch-resistant. Thanks to their natural oil content, olive wood kitchen utensils do not absorb odors or discolouration and, due to their high density, also have a bactericidal effect. Another advantage of these practical kitchen helpers lies in their longevity. With good care, your olive wood products last a lifetime. Then the wood is 100% biodegradable. In contrast to kitchen utensils made of plastic, no harmful substances and dangerous softeners are released when heating olive wood. Practical kitchen utensils made of solid wood and natural materials are not only functional, but also a beautiful decoration. The warm wood colors convey harmony and warmth.

High quality processing Olive tree wood is characterized by a high density. It is dried for years before processing. That is why our handcrafted living and kitchen accessories made of olive wood are particularly scratch-resistant and durable. Only refined with olive oil, they are also a pollutant-free and hygienic natural product in your kitchen. Each kitchen accessory is made from one piece of wood, even small parts are used. For this reason, no olive wood product is like the other. Of course, we pay attention to a very high quality of our products. Since olive wood is an organic material and still has a residual moisture, but it may still come to adhesions and very fine cracks. In the production of olive wood products, NATUREHOME pays attention to the fair treatment of all those involved in the production chain. The wood of the olive tree is harvested by trimming the trees and when they no longer bear fruit. That's why our product photos can only be examples. Let yourself be surprised by the individual grain of your olive wood kitchen utensils!

The right care Olive wood is a relatively easy-care and hygienic material. The hard and robust wood is insensitive to discoloration and odors. Nevertheless, you should not leave your olive wood products in hot water. We recommend some warm water, a soft sponge or cloth and a gentle dishwashing liquid, e.g. our NATUREHOME organic dishwashing detergent, for cleaning. In the dishwasher wood products should basically not be cleaned. To keep your olive wood kitchen utensils from drying out, from time to time rub the olive tree wood with some linseed oil. This preserves the exclusive wood grain and the golden yellow color.