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Olive wood kitchen set consisting of bowl, salad servers and coasters

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Olive wood kitchen set consisting of bowl, salad servers and coasters

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robust kitchen set from olive wood for the garden

With their Mediterranean atmosphere, our upscale, low-maintenance and long-lasting NATUREHOME olive tree wooden products are tailor-made for the terrace, the garden or picnics in the nature. The NATUREHOME set consists of our olive wooden salad cutlery, our olive wooden bowl and 6 olive wooden coasters for glasses. Handmade and refined with olive oil only, they are true nature design and provide for a stylish atmosphere.
Measurements: Olivenholz Schale Durchmesser ca. 17-19 cm, Höhe ca. 6,5 - 8 cm, Olivenholz Salatbesteck ca. 30 cm, Olivenholz Untersetzer ca. 9 x 9 x 0,6 cm,
Color: Nature
Material: Olive wood

Olive wooden bowl from NATUREHOME

Bread rolls, fresh fruits, small salads or delicious snacks– no matter what you put into our olive wooden bowl, due to its unique, amber-colored wood grain, it will leave an impression on your table. Neither hits nor moisture are able to harm the timeless beautiful wood. Since the wood of the olive tree grows very slowly, it is extremely firm and resistant to many germs, fats and acids. Therefore, olive wooden products are the perfect kitchen helpers.

Measurements: diameter ca. 19 cm, height ca. 6,5 cm

Olive wooden salad cutlery from NATUREHOME

Our salad cutlery is produced by hand out of solid olive wood and is an eyecatcher on every table. Here, the extraordinarly beautiful wood grain shows to advantage especially well. Thanks to the firm, scratchproof wood, it can even fall onto the floor sometimes. Insensitive to odors, it is resistant even to the most exotic dressing. The slender handles lie in the hand very well.
Regular caregiving with olive oil protects your olive wood salad cutlery against dessication. So, it will not get brittle even after yearslong use.

Measurements: 30 cm

Olive wooden coasters - six-pack set from NATUREHOME

The imperishable olive wood is the optimal protection for delicate surfaces and, at the same time, an elegant accessory in your home. The warm, Mediterranean wood grain of the handcrafted coasters converts every piece into a unicum and eyecatcher on your table. Extremely tough, resistant to moisture, paint and odors, the coasters are also ideally suitable for the outdoor area and easy to clean.

Measurements: 9 x 9 x 0,6 cm

Care instructions: Do not put olive wooden products into the dishwasher. Preferably, sluice it with a soft sponge or cloth with a protecting cleaner and lukewarm water (water that is too hot can lead to scratches). Afterwards, wipe it, do not let it drain, and slather it with some olive oil. In doing so, the wood does not dry out and the characteristic grain and the amber color of the wood get maintained. Rarely used products should be cleaned and oiled once a month.