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Coaster olive wood 9 cm

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Article number: NH4494
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High quality coasters for glasses made of olive wood

Thanks to the incomparable wood grain of our NATUREHOME coasters, every piece is a distinctive unicum. Handmade, left in its natural design, they spare delicate surfaces and thanks to the warm, Mediterranean grain of the olive tree wood, they are a beautiful decoration in your home.

Resistive olive wood condones many a drip

Whether on your wooden or your glass table - the timeless and decent design and the high quality material of our NATUREHOME olive wooden coasters are effective everywhere. The olive tree grows very slowly and therefore the honey, warm wood is so scratchproof, robust and insensitive. This feature and the gentle processing predestine the pretty wood for the use with food and drinks. Regardless of whether you put coffee mugs or wine glasses onto it. The untreated, handmade coasters, refined by olive oil, have a pleasant weightiness, they are extremely resistant to moisture and do not take on paint nor odors.Now and then slathered with olive oil, they keep their unique wood grain and color and are protected against dessication. The extremely long-lasting wood is cleaned easily with warm water and mild dish detergent. That´s why they are also adapted for the garden table. The Mediterranean look of our olive wooden products reminds us of sun, sea and vacation and our coasters become a great, upscale gift, too.

Measurements: 9 x 9 x 0,6 cm

Care instructions: Do not put olive wooden products into the dishwasher. Preferably, sluice it with a soft sponge or cloth with a protecting cleaner and lukewarm water (water that is too hot can lead to scratches). Afterwards, wipe it, do not let it drain, and slather it with some olive oil. In doing so, the wood does not dry out and the characteristic grain and the amber color of the wood get maintained. Rarely used products should be cleaned and oiled once a month.
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MaterialOlive wood