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Mild detergent organic olive 120 ml

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Article number: NH8003
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Mild detergent with organic olive oil for silk and wool

With the NATUREHOME organic vegan olive mild detergent in the practical 120 ml sample size you can gently clean all dainty natural and blended fabric like wool or silk even whilst travelling. The natural elasticity of the fibers is aided and restored by the replenishing effect of the olive oil. Naturally - like all our cleaning products - our olive mild detergent is produced in Germany and 100% biodegradable.

Delicate washing for dainty laundry - even whilst travelling

Produced on a pure organic olive oil soap base our organic olive mild detergent is particularly tissue-conserving and even cleans with low tempartures from 20°C thoroughly. Delicate and demanding textures like wool or silk react sensitivly to harsh detergents and require extraordinary care. The added lavender oil from certified organic farming gives the laundry a pleasant, gentle Scent and simultaneously has an antiseptic effect.

Our Eco-Guarantee

In the energy-conscious production of our products we strongly value sustainable materials and completly refuse animal testing. MADE in GERMANY with no polluting chemicals like formaldehyde and phosphates our degergents are pleasant to the skin and don't strain the environment.
Caution: Keep away from children.
Usage instructions: Pour into dedetergent department of your washing mashine/ do not directly apply to dry laundry.
Hand wash: 15–30 ml per 5 l water
Capacity: 1 l olive detergent lasts 17 wash loads containing 2,5 kg dry washing
Ingredients:15–30% soap from olive oil*/ 5–15% non-ionic tensides (sugar tenside)/ 1–5% soap from rapeseed oil*/sunflower oil*/ 1–5% vegetable alcohol (ethanol)/ <1% citrate/ <1% essential lanvender oil* (contains linalool*), balsamic additives/ whirled water ad 100%

*from certified organic farming and collection from the wild
Weight (kg)0.1700
Delivery time2-3 Tage
Certificates Vegan Society, Eco-Control , Eco-Guarantee
Ingredients15–30% Seife aus Olivenöl*/ 5–15% nichtionische Tenside (Zuckertensid)/ 1–5% Seife aus Rapsöl*/Sonnenblumenöl*/ 1–5% pflanzlicher Alkohol (Ethanol)/ <1% Citrat/ <1% ätherisches Lavendelöl* (enthält Linalool*), balsamische Zusätze/ gewirbeltes Wasser ad 100%*aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau und Wildsammlung
Application areaGeeignet für Feinwäsche, Wolle und Seide bis 40 °C/ in der Waschmaschine und für die Handwäsche
Price per liter£13.25