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Wooden office supplies

We can't take the work off your hands. But we can enlighten your office space with high-quality and natural office supplies. The warm colours of the wood and the fine materials of our office and writing utensils ensure a harmonious atmosphere in your private or business office.

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Show 1 Item(s)

Office supplies made from sustainable materials

The office supplies by NATUREHOME are made from sustainable, certified wood. They are also made in Germany. The refinement with ecological wood oil highlights the characteristic wood grain. Sine very tree has a different texture, every office and desktop equipment is a unique item. The certified solid wood and the ecological wood varnishes don't emit formaldehyde into your room air. This is very important for a healthy work environment. Since the items are handmade from high-quality materials, the wooden stationery by NATUREHOME stand out from the crowd. The objects come with a durable and smart elegance. With the exclusive and long-lasting office supplies made from solid wood you'll tidy up things in your office and set an example for Sustainability.

Natural stationery ensures a good work environment

Plastic is inferior and short-lived. Office supplies made from stainless steel seems to be cold. But the warm tones of solid wood ensure a welcoming and stably impression. You can combine the classic design items of the NATUREHOME office supplies line in any way. No matter if you choose a premium wooden letter tray, a magazin file, or other smaller pieces of furniture, like trunk stools or side tables - the unique design item comes with style, sustainability, and ecological awareness. You don't need to redecorate your office, stationeries made from wood bring out the main points. You can choose a well-matched desktop sets which include note box, wastebasket, magazin file, and a pen tray. But you can also choose your own design favourites for your desktop in our online shop.

Gift idea for your associate partners

Show your associate partners some appreciation with special gift ideas. Everybody knows the classic occasions like the yearly Christmas or an anniversary party where you need a gift for your partners in the office. Forget about the standard presents like a bottle of wine and choose a high-quality wood product by NATUREHOME. Your business partner will enjoy it for a long time. From stylish office supplies to kitchen aids, quilts or small items of furniture - Make an impression with a special gift.