Healthy sleep with our organic mattresses

Healthy sleep is the basis for our performance and our well-being. Only if we are fit and rested we can rested cope with the hurdles of everyday life. At the same time the bedroom is a place of retreat and recuperation. With our natural mattresses and our organic bedding you will make your bed to a wellness oasis.

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For healthy sleep

A day in bed can be wonderful. Our everyday life is often stressful and hectic. Whatelse could be better to relax after work in bed and leave the daily grind behind? Almost one third of our life we spend sleeping. While we dream on our mattresses, our body recharges its batteries and gets the energy for the new day to come. Sleep problems do not only harm our health on longterm but also affect to every situation of our lives. Without enough sleep the body suffers after a short while from lacking concentration, you feel restless, nervous and nice moments with family and friends cannot be fully enjoyed. the first basis for a healthy sleep is the right organic mattress. With our natural mattresses from NATUREHOME you bring top and pollutant-free quality to your bedroom.

The right sleep climate

For a healthy sleep climate the bed is of course most decisive. It does not matter whether you prefer solid wood or metall - your bed should not only be stable but also pollutant-free. Especially, when having a wooden bed you should pay attention to certified solid wood and eco colours not only for environment protection but also for your health. For example laquers, plasticizers and adhesives in your furnitures can release pollutants to your room air. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a closes look especially in the bedroom. A high-quality bed and a superior quality mattress cannot do any good if the slatted frame is inaedequate. It provides for a sufficient ventilation of your mattress and supports your body. Particulary for luxury mattresses 50% of the lying comfort is accounted by the slatted frame. It should have enough female connectors and a reinforced middle zone. In case of health-related complaints an adjustable slatted frame can be a benefit.

Surround yourself with pure nature

With our organic mattresses you will sleep on pure nature. Our natural latex mattresses do not release any odurs to the room air. Prolana is a cerified manufacturer for natural bedding. Any used material is regularly examined regarding its safety for humans, animals and environment by the ECO-environment ministry. Another important point is the faire treatment of all humans that are taking part in the processing. The rubber tree plantations are certified. Further materials of our natural mattress such as coir, new wool and organic cotton come from controlled organic cultivation and biological cultivation. Therefore our eco mattresses in our onlineshop are not only healthy for you and your family but also help the people who are producing the materials and protect the environment and climate. Enjoy a completely healthy sleep.

The perfect feeling of sleep

The choice of the right natural mattress is a very personal decision. Only you are able to find the 100% right natural mattress for yourself. Our Prolana latex mattresses have a high orthopeic niveau and lying comfort. For making decisions easier it should be considered that person with a personal weight up to 60 kg should chose a softer mattress, a medium hard mattress is recommend to people with a weight over 80 kg. You should also not underestimated your sleeping position. Many back sleepers on stomach sleeper feel area-elastic natual latex mattresses with coir and a medium hard mattress as more comfortable. For on-the-side sleepers it is for a healthy lying comfort important that the shoulder sink softly into the mattress and the body is supported at the same time. Spot-elastic mattresses are in this case of greater benefi. Whichver natural mattress you choose at the end - you will receive in any case a pure natural product. With our anti-mite spray with herbal ingredients of the neem tree, protect your bed linen against house dust mite on a naturally way.