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Wooden magnetic strip

Those kinda boards attract magnets. Especially keys. But also kitchen knives or other items made from metal can profit from those bars. The wooden magnet bar, which is meant as a key hook, can be used to store knives since you can easily attach them to the magnets behind the wooden board.

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Show 1 Item(s)

Magnetic strip with wooden cladding

The grey stainless steel bar doesn't fit in every furnishing, that's why our NATUREHOME magnet strips has a wooden front. The actual magnet stripe is behind the solid wood. The thin wood doesn't minimise the magnetic effect. The bar looks better with the wood finish. You can choose between beech, oak, and olive wood. All woods have different tones and textures. The surfaces are smoothed, that's why knives lie flat on it and have a good hold. Depending on your amount of knives, you can choose between different sizes of the board. The magnet bar with 25 cm is perfect for a smaller amount of knives and also works well as a key hook. If you are an ambitious chef in your own kitchen, you should go for the magnet bar with 35 cm or 55 cm. You can attach kitchen knives , choppers, spatulas, or trowles next to each other without making compromises. Our NATUREHOME wooden cladding comes from sustainable forestry. The board is handmade, scratch resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Just use a wet cloth and the right detergent.

Benefits of a wooden magnet bar

Of course, you could store everything in a drawer, but you could also use a wooden magnet bar and enjoy the benefits of it. The eye-catching colour, the wood grain, and the functionality. For example, the knives would stay sharp because they don't rub against each other in a drawer. Furthermore, the wooden magnet bar is attached, where you can easily reach the items you need in the second you want it. And, very important, children won't reach the magnet bar which holds all kinds of dangerous kitchenware. In conclusion, bars are safer and hipper than compartments. But you also can utilise the wooden magnetic bar to give small objects like keys or paperclips a place where you can find them easily. The times where you have to search for your keys while you're in a rush will end. Now.