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Solid wood furniture - naturally oiled, reliable and beautiful

Solid wood products are particularly valuable furniture or home accessories. These are worked out directly from a piece of wood or put together from several wooden elements. In contrast, pressed chip furniture consists of tiny wood chips that are held together with glue. Solid wood furniture is particularly resistant and can last a lifetime with a little care. At NATUREHOME you will find solid wood trays, stools and many other home accessories made of beech, oak or walnut. These native woods come from sustainable forestry and are still processed by hand.

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The advantages of solid wood

The production of solid wood significantly increases the quality of a piece of furniture. Cutting boards are made by hand from a whole piece of wood. This makes them particularly scratch resistant and durable. For small furniture and home accessories such as wooden trays or step stools, the individual components are made of wood and then assembled to fit perfectly. Unlike pressboard, which consists of a mass of wood and glue, solid wood furniture requires little or no glue. Of course, solid wood is heavier than pressboard, making it difficult to move large furniture. Small furniture, on the other hand, gives solid wood stability and resilience. If the solid wood remains naturally oiled or completely untreated, it can improve the room climate and fulfill it with a pleasant woody fragrance. The visible grain and the high-quality workmanship make the home accessories of NATUREHOME an eye-catcher in every room. If you rather like natural wood rather upbeat colors, is also well-advised with solid wood. Whether oak, beech or walnut, all woods can be painted without difficulty and are available in different colors.

Solid wood made by hand

All NATUREHOME solid wood products are unique pieces that are exclusively produced in our factories in Germany. Each piece has its own grain and has been carefully crafted. Although the term solid wood sounds more like a roughly hewn wooden block, our designers can use it to create timelessly elegant home accessories. With beautifully smooth surfaces, the boards, stools, office supplies, and decorative items not only look beautiful, they're also a pleasure to touch.

Sustainable Timber Woods

Those who choose solid wood choose durable quality instead of disposable products. Wood is a renewable, but also recyclable raw material and thus in itself more sustainable than plastic. At NATUREHOME we also pay attention to the origin of the wood. Whether walnut, oak or solid beech, these materials are domestic trees that can be delivered from Germany or its neighboring countries without long transport distances. We consciously do without tropical timber with long delivery routes, because domestic raw materials work just as well. All NATUREHOME solid wood furniture and home accessories are FSC certified and come from controlled, sustainable forestry. So you can rely on long-lasting quality, freedom from pollutants, fair trade and production conditions with high standards with a clear conscience.

Maintain solid wood properly

Most small furniture and home accessories are designed for indoor use and therefore easy to maintain. You can clean and air dry solid wood of all kinds with a damp cloth and a mild organic cleaner. Olive wood needs only occasionally rubbed with good olive oil, which you also use for cooking. For all other woods there is special wood oil. Inside, the impregnation process lasts a very long time and only has to be reworked every few years if the gloss diminishes. If you use the NATUREHOME hammock stands outside, you can protect them with wood stain from moisture. Whether puddle or sink, wood should not be too long in the water, because otherwise it warps. Otherwise, the natural material is absolutely suitable for everyday use and will give you pleasure for decades.