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Wooden tray Trapezoidal shape NH-I Beech in different sizes

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Weight: 1,30 kg
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NATUREHOME Holztablett Trapezform NH-I Buche natur geölt

Wooden tray made of beechwood in elegant trapezoidal shape

A tray brings a room into shape. Especially when, as in this case, it is a trapezoidal shape. The shape makes many things possible. And so many small things can be transported in it, but also simply left standing. In order to be able to name such a beautiful decorative element, it does not take much. Only a nice place should be available. This can be made available almost anywhere. A tray of this quality is always an eye-catcher. And so it makes sense if the tray has found its place on the chest of drawers, but also on the nightstand. If you feel that something is missing, but you do not want to set it, it needs a wooden tray like this. This is where high-quality manual work can be done. In addition, the wooden tablet was also oiled and sanded. A decorative object, which is not only practical, but also sublime. For beauty and elegance it is no longer surpassed. And so it can look good even after years, which is mainly due to the fact that the corners have also been glued. If it falls on the ground, it does not break at once. Even if the beechwood looks a bit thin at the edges, everything is absolutely stable.
Measurements: 43 x 32 x 7 cm
Material: Wood - Beech

Good beechwood is useful everywhere

With a weight of 1.3 kg and a total length of 43 cm it is equipped for every challenge. Size is shown when diversity is possible. From the plant to the candle everything can be adjusted, which makes a good mood. The beech was left as it is in nature. The patterns, which are common in the wood, can therefore still be seen. The wood comes from Europe. Of course, such a storage option also makes sense in the kitchen. If then apples, or other foodstuffs are to be kept in it, they are even more effective. Yes even as an order box on the desk, as for leaves, this piece of wood can be used.

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