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Fingerpaints for children in eco quality

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Natural Finger paints by NATURE HOME for Children

Our NATURE HOME finger paints are perfect for little explorers and future artists. The finger paints are made of natural and health-safe ingredients, which make them suitable for children. A natural taste of bitterness has been added to the colors in order to deter the children of licking them.

Easily discover the world of colors

With our NATURHOME finger paints, small and grown artist hands will be able to transform nearly everything in a magic souvenir. All absorbent materials, such as paper, wood, stone, plasticine and plaster can be embellished with fingers, sponges and brushes to one’s heart content.Our finger paint-set contains 6 jars with screw-caps in yellow, green, blue, red, black and white colors. These colors can be used in a diluted or concentrated manner and can also be mixed to the top of one’s bent. The colours can also be used in the learning process for children, help them in creating new wonderful composition of colors out of the basic colors.

Harmless and natural painting

As we renounce the use of any polluted ingredients and as we use natural colors from mineral pigments, the use of our product can be without any compunction. Like any other product manufactured by our label, these colors were made environmentally friendly in Germany and without animal testing.Manual for finger paintsFinger colors can be used water-diluted or undiluted with fingers sponges or brushes. Extract the requested quantity of colors with a clean spoon and put it on a plate or pallet to avoid impurity or contamination. The opened glasses have to be stored cool and dry.Any contact with clothes should be avoided, colors stains can be durable. Children under 3 years should be supervised while painting. Clean and rinse with water if the product gets tot he eye. Drink water if the product has erroneously been swallowed. In a case of skin reaction, the skin hast o be purged with soap and water. In a case of persistent complaint, a doctor should be consulted.Ingredients:Preparation of water, mineral pigments, hemp oil, and methyl cellulose. Bittern: denatonium benzoate. Preservative: Sodiummethylparaben (E219) - allowed in the food industry.
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