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Citrus organic universal cleaner 500 ml

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Article number: NH8037
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With the biological multi-tasker you'll score everywhere. If flooring, tiles, fittings, varnished furniture or inside the car - you can even clean windows with our eco-friendly universal cleaner. The natural orange zest and lemon grass oil does not only provide with a fresh, revitalizing scent, but also supports the grease dissolving powers. Like all our cleaning products, our multi-talent is vegan, fully biodegradable, not tested on animals and made in Germany.

The power of pure nature

All wipeable surfaces like sealed flooring, varnished areas, tiles, china or glass can be cleaned easily and effective with out pollutant-free organic universal cleaner. The cold pressed orange zest gathers an oil that is not only popular as an aromatic oil but also because of its immense degreasing powers is even used as an biological turpentin substitute. Lemon grass has also a degreasing and antiseptic effect. It leaves a disscreet, natural scent.

Always ready - a real super hero

Because we renounce animal tests and we use pure vegetable, biodegradable ingredients in the development and production - this makes our citrus universal detergent so valueable. Naturally it is as equally potent as common cleaners. The vegetable oils leave only freshness and cleanness.
Usage instructions: Our ecological universal cleaner is highly concentrated und therefore to be used very sparingly. Undiluted a small amount on a damp wipe or sponge to clean spots off of tiles, flooring, the work place or even the car. For a wide-spread cleaning of flooring, tiles or windows simply give 5-10 ml in 10 l water. When cleaning windows we suggest an absorbing sponge and a squeegee.
Ingredients: 5–15% anionic surfactants (coconut fat alcohol sulphate) and 5–15% non-ionic tensides (sugar tenside), water hardness insensitive, degreasing, cleaning active substances – made from coconut oil and corn starch/ <1% orange zest oil (contains limes, can cause allergic reactions), increases the grease dissolving power/ <1% essential lemon grass oil* (contains citral*)/ < 1% citrate, salt, balsamic additives*/ whirled water ad 100 %
Safety advice: Keep away from children.

* from certified organic farming and wild collection
Weight (kg)0.5500
Ingredients5–15% anionische Tenside (Kokosfettalkoholsulfat) und 5–15% nichtionische Tenside (Zuckertenside), wasserhärteunempfindliche, fettlösende, reinigungsaktive Stoffe – hergestellt aus Kokosöl und Maisstärke/ <1% Orangenschalenöl (enthält Limonen, kann allergische Reaktionen hervorrufen), erhöht die Fettlösekraft/ <1% ätherisches Zitronengrasöl* ( enthält Citral*)/ < 1% Citrat, Salz, balsamische Zusätze*/ gewirbeltes Wasser ad 100 %* aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau und Wildsammlung
Application areaZur großflächigen Reinigung von Böden, Fliesen oder Fenstern
Price per liter£6.01