Healthy children's mattresses for sweet dreams

Whether nutrition, room facilities or leisure activities - parents always want the best for their children. That is why they try to choose the best from various possibilities for their children.

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The right children's mattress

A new, wonderful but also exciting time starts for parents with the birth of their baby. Especially for babies bedding is particularly important as the sleep significatly longer than adults. By choosing the rioght mattress for children, parents are often spoilt for choice. It is important to consider that the mattress meets the needs of the child and its body form. The hardness of children's mattress should also be considered. The baby body is not compeltely formed therefore it is even more important that the baby mattress is not too soft and has a supporting function for muscles and the delicate little spine. The older the child becomes, the softer the mattress can be.

Ecological children's mattresses for healthy development

Healthy sleep is the best basis for a healthy development of our children. Starting from the first day after birth. As our youngest react more sensitive than adults to pollutants, a good children's mattress is characterized by a seal of Öko-Test or the consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest and of vital importance. A good children's mattress is pollutant-free and consists of skin friendly materials. Healthy materials protect your youngest against polloutants and prevent that chemicals are released to the room air. An unappropriate children's mattress can cause skin irritations and restless sleep. For the protection of your darlign we offer our children's mattresses by Prolana in a high quality and excellent production. Kathi PLUS consists of two side with different lying comforts which can individually be changed depending on your child's well-being. In order to ensure a healthy sleeping climate the core of the mattress is enclosed by fleece made out of new wool from controlled organic cultivation. The children's mattress KATI by Prolona was reviewed "very good" by Öko-test (Issue 4/2012). This mattress consists of soft natural rubber and a harder natural coir rubber. In our range you can also find further mattresses for children: Lara PLUS and Nele Plus – perfectly suitable for babys and toddlers. Health is always at stake! A healthy sleeping comfort supports the development of your children and is an essential reason to choose a certified and high quality children's mattress. With a certifies children's mattress you are always on the safe sid and your child feels comfortable on it.

Relaxing dreams with child-orientated mattresses

Relaxing sleep strengthens a healthy development and the well-being of your children during the day and at night. Our ecological children's mattresses protect your childeren while they sleep and supports the sleeping habits of your children. Create a feel-good place for your most important persons where they can peacfully slumber and heavenly sleep. Choose the right children's mattress on which your children can peacfully dream and spend the night healthy and comfortably. Please choose the best mattress for you and your children without reducing comfort! Your little darling need a good lying comfort to recover and to process their experiences of the day. You will also sleep more peacefully by knowing that your children sleep relaxed and healthy. Additionally, a releaxed and healthy child, is a happy child!