If you rely on organic products, you do not have to be content with food alone. Home helpers, cleaning agents and textiles are now also available in reliable, ecological quality. Especially if you have children in the house, organic products are a good choice. At NATUREHOME we do without chemical additives and produce our organic products from natural raw materials. That's why our craft materials, cleaning products and care products are definitely free from harmful substances and mostly even vegan.

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How reliable are organic products? Meanwhile, there are organic products in every discounter, but how ecological they really are, you only recognize on closer inspection. At NATUREHOME we pay attention to the origin of our products and make their properties transparent. The ingredients of the care, creative and wood care products are detailed. In addition, the labels given are given only under strict controls. Seals such as ECO Control and kbA (certified organic cultivation) inspect the products themselves as well as the production processes. So you can rely on pollutant-free and environmentally friendly manufactured organic products.

Detergents and care - organic products for allergy sufferers In addition to food products, cleaning agents are the most popular organic products. We have direct skin contact with detergents, soaps and household cleaners, which should be as natural as possible and free of pollutants. Organic cleansing products are ideal for people who are allergic to traditional brands because they are free of harmful and chemical additives. The exact composition of NATUREHOME's vegan cleansers can be found on every product and you can convince yourself of the ingredients.

Creative Organic Craft Products Painting, pasting and making things are part of childhood and many adults love to be creative. NATUREHOME offers ecological adhesives, crayons and paints so that you and your children can live their free lives. Our organic glues from pure vegetable raw materials are vegan and solvent-free. Everything for the craft supplies including the crayons and watercolors are non-toxic and free from harmful substances, so that even children can handle it. Even if some of the organic paints or adhesives land in your mouth, your child has nothing to fear.

Organic Wood Care for Interior and Exterior All NATUREHOME wood products are ecological and sustainable, which is why we also offer the appropriate organic products and care products. Both glaze and varnish and wood oil can be produced in organic quality on a vegetable basis. This in turn reduces the odor burden or even prevents the biting odors completely. Organic wood care improves the durability of furniture, home accessories, but also on external facades and protects the wood from moisture or dehydration.

Organic cotton textiles Bed linen, blankets and towels come into direct contact with our skin. That's why we at NATUREHOME rely on textiles made from pure organic cotton. Controlled cultivated and fair produced, our textiles convince with long-lasting quality and a soft touch. The advantage of organic cotton is that you can rely on non-toxic fabrics. Nevertheless, organic cotton can be washed hot, is easy to clean and perfect for everyday wear.