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Bio fabric softener washable sensitively 1000ml

Article number: NH4091
Weight: 1,50 kg

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Delivery Time: 2-3 Tage

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Ecological fabric softener for cuddly soft, fragrance neutral laundry

The NATUREHOME laundry detergent contains citric acid in food quality and is ideal for the whole family - ecological, vegan and 100% biodegradable. As a detergent for all types of laundry and washing programs, allergic persons can access the sensitive detergent, remove detergent residues and neutralize the pH of the fabrics. It is also beneficial for the sensitive skin of children.

Cleansing softly - Detergents without dyes and optical brighteners

Due to the special nature of the natural lemon, the detergent softens the water at low temperatures, smoothes fibers and brings back delicate colors. This is why the citric acid is suitable as a washing machine for wool and silk. The dosage: For the 4.5 kg washing machine, 40 ml (about 3 tablespoons) can be placed in the compartment for the fabric softener. All ingredients are free from petrochemicals, preservatives, fragrances and dyes. The ecological laundry detergent makes use of the natural properties of citric acid - antibacterial, allergy-friendly and odorless.
Weight (kg)1.5000
Delivery time2-3 Tage
IngredientsWater - whirl ad (100%), citric acid (15-30%), vegetable alcohol (5-15%)
Application areaFür alle Textilarten und Waschprogramme geeignet. Dem letzten Spülwasser beigeben. Der Weichspüler hilft Seifenreste ausspülen und neutralisiert das Spülwasser. Vorsicht: nicht auf kalkhaltige Oberflächen bringen, wie z.B. Marmor, Kunststein, Beton, Kalkstein usw. Von Kindern fernhalten. Augenkontakt dringend vermeiden.
Price per literNo