Möbelöl - farblos, 250 ml

Furniture oil – colorless, 250 ml

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The NATUREHOME colorless furniture oil highlights the natural color and texture of the wood. The vegan, odorless, saliva-resistant and eco-friendly wood oil is made in Germany on the basis of pollution-free natural oils and resins and is suitable for all solid woods indoors. Further details on the processing of furniture oil and other products can be found at NATUREHOME.Application: indoors, for the treatment and care of solid wood furniture. Not suitable for veneers and multiplex due, for stained wood and cabinet interiors.Features: After an order mat surface, after 2 and 3 Order semi-gloss . Water-resistant in accordance with DIN 68 861, Part 1 Saliva and sweat resistant according to DIN 53 160 Suitable for toys according to DIN EN 71, part 3 .Full declaration: Isoaliphates, linseed stand oil rosin esters, ricin oil rosin esters , wood oil , linseed oil, rosin glycerol ester , micronized wax , silica, dehydrated amino sugar and lead- free drying agents (Ca, Mn , Zr) .Range: to determine by trial order 65 ml / m² total amount for 3 orders.Disposal: In accordance with local regulations. Dried material can be disposed of as household waste.safety notes:Not enter S 2 Keep out of the reach of children.S 62 If swallowed does not induce vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label.Soaked with NATURE HOME Furniture Oil work materials such as Cloths, polishing pads, sponges, abrasive dusts, etc. with not dried oil in an airtight metal container or store in water and dispose of, otherwise danger of spontaneous combustion due to the vegetable oil content. The product itself is not self-igniting.